With the holiday season upon us I’m sure there are a few folks looking to get their favorite fisherman a couple last minute gifts. A few things I have on MY list (that I’m hoping to get) are listed below! Now I just hope Santa and my family get a chance to see this before the big day arrives. (hint hint)

Kistler Magnesium TS Cast 7’ XH Broom Stick


This Kistler rod is one I’ve been looking at for quite a while. Punching is something I just started doing late this fall, and it’s a technique you need a rod with a lot of backbone and it must be strong! These rods are 25% stronger than comparable rods on its market. It has Fugi everything and a cork split grip that is balanced perfectly. There is however an added reason to get a rod such as this and that reason is The Alabama Rig. I’ve been toying with finding a rod that’s versatile and strong enough to be able to punch and cast a hefty Alabama Rig.  This is one of the few rods that can stand the test of toughness. A great value at $150 dollars, as well!

Abu Garica REVO Winch Casting Reel

Abu Garcia has been the reel of choice when it comes to my personal preference over the years. The REVO Winch is a reel that was initially picked out because I’m looking for something a little more powerful for deep cranking, big bait and pulling fish out of the slop!  The 5.4:1 gear ratio is one tough mother and it has all brass gears making it extremely corrosion resistant. It also sports great bearings and a tough-as-nails Carbon Matrix Drag System that is rated to 24 pounds.

Bandit Silent Squarebill Crankbaits

The silent crank baits were all the rage last year. I can’t wait to try out some of these new Bandit baits because of the great color schemes they always seem to produce. They are relatively affordably priced compared to the entire crankbait industry, and this means you can create an entire arsenal. They are said to displace a lot of water and have an ‘S’ shaped action. The square bill is great in shallow water that contains many different types of cover ranging from rock, wood and grass.

Lethal Weapon Swim Jigs 

My secret is out — these jigs are incredible! The Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig is a straight up producer. These jigs are easy to cast, have awesome wire bait keepers and an oversized, super sharp hook. Each jig has a hand-tied skirt that boasts enough strands to keep everything hidden and a multitude of colors. The hook guard is absolutely perfect since it has enough stiffness to keep it from getting hung up, and soft enough that fish don’t get it stuck in to their mouths when they grab it. The only thing I won’t tell you is which plastic trailer I put on here. But, in all honestly this jig would probably catch fish without a trailer on it in most lakes. Go to their website at www.customlures.net and pick up a few of these for only $3.50 a piece!

Mann’s Slick Lures Alabama Rig

The bait that has done it all in the last 6 months! Mann’s recently purchased the rights to this rig that was first created for striper fishing. Paul Ellias proved that it’s not just a saltwater umbrella rig for stripers, but a bass catching MACHINE! Its purpose is to mimic a school of baitfish, and its effectiveness has been proven in many tournaments in the recent past. Be aware of the local rules on this in your area, but you can use as many legal hooks on here as you want and just use the other swivels and attach attractors that don’t have hooks in them. Be sure to have a stout rod, good real and a strong pair of arms to toss this around all day. They are going for $27.99. However, they are already sold out on Tacklewarehouse.com so you may just have to wrap a picture of these and get a rain check. Imagine strapping 5 Lethal Weapon swim jigs on this!

Frabill FXE Stormsuit Bibs

These Frabill bibs are top notch in comfort and performance! They were created for anglers by anglers, which makes them the most sensible purchase you can find for bibs/rain pants. These bibs are waterproof, windproof and fully breathable. They offer adjustments for proper shoulder and waist fit, unprecedented toughness and extreme attention to detail, which is the norm with all Frabill products. They have neoprene knee pads that offer cushion and padding while doing things on deck and working on rods and baits. Combine this with the matching jacket and you have one of the best rain suits on the market right now.


That’s all I’ve got for now! There are plenty of other great gift ideas out there I haven’t covered such as soft plastics, line, terminal tackle and spinnerbaits that can serve as great “stocking stuffers” or last minute additions to gifts for the anglers in your life. I guarantee any fisherman who receives tackle for Christmas will be happy, as would I!

With that, I would like to wish everyone out there on Fishidy.com, and anyone else whose been reading my blogs for the past few months, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m hoping for some ice up here in Wisconsin soon because I’m getting bored out of my skull (and so is my gear sitting in the closet) without my nightly trips to the lake. I have my fingers crossed that the New Year will ring in with some fresh, safe ice!

Finally, I’d like to wish everyone safe travels whether you’re on or off the water.

Happy Holidays and Tight Lines!