The folks over at PowerTeam Lures aren’t lying when they print the words, “Designed with one thing in mind… Loading Livewells,” on the side of the bag. The Finicky Tickler does just that! High skies, low pressure, rain, wind and “slow” days are made productive by the Finicky Tickler. Throwing a drop shot has become second nature for most Elite Series Pros like Aaron Martens and KVD on tough days. PowerTeam Lures and have asked me to give this finesse plastic a thorough once-over. Let’s take a look at the results. (Hint: make sure to read to the end for a special offer from PowerTeam Lures and Fishidy!)

At first glance, the PowerTeam Lures’ Finicky Tickler is a very unique worm. Even opening the bag made my eyes cross, but most fishermen realize largemouth love a good stinkin’ worm. There’s no doubt that they’ve gotten the texture right. Far too many plastics are way too firm. The Finicky Tickler is extremely soft, yet durable! You’ll often be able to catch multiple fish off one of these worms. They’re designed with a few bumps on the upper portion that, to me, break up the monotony of its silhouette.

As far as colors go, they’ve done a great job getting the natural colors just right. There are 15 different selections to choose from and a wide array at that! Forage such as baby bass, bluegill/brim and shad are covered well. They have every fisherman’s dream color, Green Pumpkin, which looks awesome! My personal favorite color is their Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl. It’s got a fade from the head that goes from green to blue and back again that gives it a Bluegill color like I’ve never seen before. The one downside in their color selection is that they don’t have many translucent selections that would be used on clearer lakes and sunny days.

The Finicky Tickler is also extremely versatile. If you like to drop shot, this worm is tremendous while nose hooked. It seems to be neutral buoyant, which gives it a suspending look. While hopping it along the bottom it tends to have a very fluent, natural motion. Many folks, myself included, like fishing finesse worms wacky style. Again, the action is impeccable!

Another drop shot style I use a lot in the weedy lakes of Wisconsin is Texas rigging with a small, 1/0 or 2/0 worm hook. This gives me the ability to bounce the Finicky Tickler through slim, pads, and other standing vegetation without having a fouled cast. The uses extend past just drop shotting. Pairing the Finicky Tickler up with a shaky head jig can be extremely deadly, especially in grass lake situations where they may have already seen 800 Senko’s fluttered past their face that week.

Overall, this is a great bait! I’ll be sure to have the Finicky Tickler in my plastics bin from here on out. The pure fish catching ability of this small 5” finesse worm is better than others I’ve tried. It’s a compact, swift moving and well-balanced worm in the water. The hopping and quivering of this bait will entice a strike on the toughest days out on a lake. It truly is “Deadly on Bass!”

If power fishermen, like KVD, toss finesse worms, why wouldn’t you try out the Finicky Tickler? Check out and pick up a few bags of your favorite color.

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