Lake Wisconsin Is Much More Than Walleyes

Lake Wisconsin is known as a good lake for walleyes, saugers, crappies, and muskies especially in the spring and early summer before the algae bloom arrives. The lake is over 9,000 acres and stretches from the dam at Wisconsin Dells to the last dam on the Wisconsin River at Prairie du Sac. Lake Wisconsin is an excellent fishery for many different fish species. The lake also has an abundant number of bass (largemouth and smallmouth), white bass, catfish, drum, sturgeon, and of course, bluegills.

slab crappie

When I’m fishing Lake Wisconsin, I usually fish for walleyes and saugers. But, a few seasons back, I decided to experiment on the lake. First, I’ll backtrack and tell how a few years ago; I discovered by chance [click to continue…]


Earning the Catch

Tough start to the season on Long Island

Everyone knew the start of this year’s season would be a non event after the winter we had. Six weeks came to be the agreed upon consensus in factoring the delay to the usual patterns of fish in these waters. Obviously very few fishermen were going to wait it out and there’s been quite a few surprised good and bad. Gator blues showed up in force much earlier than they normally do, fluke even with a higher bag limit and lower minimum length are all over, porgies by the buckets have been there for the taking, and some serious sized sharks are rewarding the anglers heading offshore. The stripers though, are keeping everyone guessing.

mike with fluke fish [click to continue…]


The Pressure Anglers Thrive On

Understanding Barometric pressure key to patterning big bass

Recently I was having a discussion with my friends Gary Dobyns, Mike Barone, and Goodyear Pro John McGoey about the significance, or lack thereof, in the relationship between barometric pressure and bass fishing. In 2004 I began journaling my fishing trips, and trying to gather as much data from the internet as I could find. Frontal systems, wind direction, moon phase, etc. Among those conditions I found research that suggested that the ideal barometric pressure for bass was roughly 28.5-30.1. In the ten years of data that I’ve collected, the most significant correlation that I could see between feeding activity and weather was when the barometer was falling from 30-29. That’s hard evidence, from over 150 total entries, with all data from that period provided by Weather Underground.

Pretty indisputable if you ask me…

jim with smallmouth bass [click to continue…]


Outerwear that Outlasts the Storm

It does not matter if you’re a bass angler or a deep sea fisherman; we who are in search of beating fish in their own environment know that storms can blow in at a moments notice. The news can say low winds and zero chance of rain, until you get your boat launched and heading out. You need to be able to rely on your outerwear to keep you dry and comfortable. It does not matter to me what the weather channel tells me the morning before, I bring my outerwear 90% of the time. Even if it does not rain all day, there is still that time in the morning where your boat seats are chilly and covered with condensation.

joe with jacket [click to continue…]

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