This past weekend the University of Maine Fishing Club went off to explore a brand new waterway – Cold Stream Pond in Enfield, ME. The club features a varied group of anglers committed to working on their craft, from some beginners to the experienced veterans. Cold Stream’s waters feature stocks of landlocked salmon, brook trout and native Maine lake trout – BUT it can be a tough place to fish unless you know what you’re doing.

brown trout ice fishing in maine

Brian Green’s quote, “exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty,” is most applicable for a fisherman trying a new body of water. You’re never more vulnerable as a fisherman than when [click to continue…]


Updated Activity Stream Toolbar

New Features Added!

Posting content on Fishidy just got easier and a lot more fun! Take a look at the illustration below for an explanation of some of the new features you’ll see.

new filter activity bar

[B]: The biggest change is the prominent filter in the center of the toolbar. You now have the ability to filter what you want to see by “Posts,” “Catches,” “Spots,” “Photos,” “Nearby Activity,” and the default, “All Activity.” One of the most powerful filters here is “Nearby Activity,” which will show you what’s trending in your area. It’s a great way to view the most engaging posts and begin following new members and waterways you may not have known about.

[C]: The plus button now represents what you click on to share content. Click here and a new window will appear where you can begin posting text and sharing images. Your privacy options can be toggled from here as well.

[A]: Launch a quick, interactive tutorial that will help you learn more about these new features and others within Fishidy.

We hope you enjoy the changes! Sign in to your Fishidy account now, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


The Advantage of Real-time Fishing Notifications

We’ve all had days when it seems like no matter what you try – changing lures, slowing down your retrieve, new spots – the fish just won’t bite. What if there was a way to see if other anglers on the waterways you’re fishing were having success? Find out what they were using and where? With Fishidy’s real-time fishing activity notifications, you now have that advantage!

smallmouth bass [click to continue…]


Wild Shiners for Trophy Largemouth Bass

A month ago, if you invited me out fishing using live bait, I would have laughed and told you to forget it. Never in my life would I have imagined using wild shiners for bass. However, on December 9th, I was exposed to a whole new world of fishing.

kate with largemouth bass

Growing up, my father always had the best fishing equipment, the newest plastics, and nearly every damn lure you could think of. Naturally, I grew up fishing those lures. I learned the techniques and the proper ways to fish them. Most who know me, know that I tournament fish and [click to continue…]


Happy New Year!

Thanks to our Fishidy Ambassadors, all of our team members and everyone part of this exciting community for another great year! Here’s to an even better 2015 – Happy New Year!