Fishidy Adds a New Like Button

We’re happy to announce¬† that a new “Like” button is now part of the Fishidy experience! For the time being it’s limited to the Fishidy website, but will be rolled out on Fishidy’s mobile app as well coming very soon.

Login to your Fishidy account now, give this feature a try, and let us know what you think!

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The Science of Barometric Pressure, Part 1

I’ve been approached many times this year by people asking me different questions about how weather conditions impact fish behavior, and the biggest question seems to always be around the topic of Barometric Pressure. Quite frankly, there’s a lot to discuss there, and a lot of conflicting research that you’ll find when you try to do a search for it on the internet. So how do you know where to begin, and what information is valuable?

It’s really essential to begin with a basic understanding of what exactly barometric pressure is. What is commonly referred to as “barometric pressure” is actually Atmospheric Pressure, which is measured via a Barometer; thus the term “barometric pressure”. The official definition of Atmospheric Pressure is force per unit area exerted on a surface by the weight of air above that surface in the atmosphere of Earth (of that of another planet). Meteorologists will often depict H and L areas on the map to depict the High and Low pressure fronts that are moving across the country. How each of these fronts are defined in terms of weather conditions depends on the time of year. For instance, in Summer, High Pressure systems lead to [click to continue…]


Fishidy App Now Available on Amazon Fire Devices

We’re happy to announce that Fishidy is now available at the Amazon Appstore for Android!

Find it here:

fishidy app on amazon

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Toledo Bend Reservoir Bass Fishing Tips

B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler, Mike Iaconelli, shares tips for finding bass during the fall transition period on Toledo Bend Reservoir by keying in on grass flats, and “matching the hatch” with minnow-imitating lures such as spinnerbaits and topwater plugs to cover large amounts of water quickly.

See more in the video below!

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A Breakdown of Smith Mountain Lake

Cranking it up with my VA brothers at SML!


Cool panorama of Myself and Tyler Meadows

I joke around a lot that I hate Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It’s a beautiful body of water with huge fish, but there are really specific times of year when the lake fishes well, and the fall just happens to be one of them. So with that in mind, I took a little trip to see my buddies The Brothers Meadows (Zach and Tyler) to see if we could have one of those legendary days.

My first ever trip to Smith Mountain was in the fall for a regional qualifier. While I didn’t do nearly was well as I had hoped, I learned a lot about that lake that would set me up for a top 40 finish at the Everstart there the following spring. It’s similar in many ways to other bodies of water I’ve fished, kind of like a Frankenstein of lakes (for better or worse). To begin with, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t know of [click to continue…]