5 Fall Fishing Lure Favorites

These go-to lures are fish catching machines in autumn!

When summer comes to an end, the best fishing of the year for bass anglers is just beginning as cooler temps heat up the action on the water. Bass begin their heaviest feeding of the year in preparation for winter. So if you can avoid running up a tree in search of a whitetail or two and know what to throw, you can find yourself with some of the most productive outings of the season!

1. Umbrella Rigs

Unethical or the biggest innovation to change the game in decades? Regardless of your moral position on this lure, it’s hard to debate how effective it can be in October. Bass are gorging themselves on shad, and what better way to catch them while their doing that than by imitating an entire school? There are virtually hundreds of choices from countless manufacturers that offer a wide array of colors, sizes, and blades to choose from. The Yellow Hammer Rig (YHR) offers the highest quality of them all. Hand made in the USA with the most durable materials to withstand the beating that catching multiple fish on one cast can deliver and the first umbrella rig I ever threw. My favorite is the Hammer Time Shad, bladed. It’s a heavy bait to throw when I have 5 five inch swimbaits on it, but my Dobyns Champion 795SBMT really takes away a lot of the work and makes it a lot more manageable to throw. The wires on the YHR are 100lb leaders that are used to hang tough against huge smallmouth or spotted bass. They’re also designed by an elite group of anglers, Kyle Mabrey included, so you get that whole “by anglers for anglers” added bonus. I finish mine off with 1/2 ounce jig heads with exposed hooks through the top of the baits, and 25lb Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon line with a low speed reel. It’s really quite deadly on cloudy/windy days.

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So You Want to Be a Pro Walleye Fisherman?

An end of season reflection from a second year pro

It is the end of September, and for all intents and purposes, tournament walleye fishing is over. So now what? Do I just crawl into a hole and hibernate until next April? If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t stop, you just can’t. This season was full of highs, and plenty of lows as well. It tested friendships, equipment, and determination. However, in the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Being the youngest pros to fish the AIM Pro Walleye Series was a struggle within itself. Not too many seasoned veterans take two-22 year olds all that seriously, however, we found the best way to change that, is to put fish in the boat. It was hard, but in the end, we qualified for the tour championship, however, that is a different story all together.

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Bigger in Real Life Than on TV

New England Fisherman Phil Buzby Lands a Giant Bluefin

Phil Buzby was enjoying a day out fishing.  Like all of us, you never know when that fish of a lifetime is going to swim by.  When Phil and Andrew Marshall aboard the Typhoon out of Green Harbor, MA hooked up to a 900 pound Bluefin, the fight of a lifetime was on.  Phil was nice enough to share some of the story with me. Check out his video of the catch on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jgxERKyzWs.

big tuna on pier

Photo: Robert Hayes

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Boating Safety Tips – Stay Safe in Fog

What To Do If You Find Yourself Offshore In The Fog

If you spend much time fishing offshore, you may eventually find yourself in a situation where visibility is limited. Most likely you will find yourself trapped in the fog.  But don’t panic. There are ways to stay safe on your boat and get back to port safely.

The first thing you want to do is slow down your speed so that you can stop your vessel in half of the distance of your visibility. This will allow you to avoid any ships, buoys, or rocks and debris.  You will also want to turn on your navigation lights, so that other vessels can tell which direction you are heading.

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How’s the Weather in Your Livewell?

I just got back from a tournament at Oneida Lake, my first after having installed my new V-T2 Livewell system from New Pro Products. This unique system is designed to improve the overall quality of your livewell both when it’s holding fish and when it is not. If you’re like me, you probably had no idea what was happening in there. You add water, recirculate it from time to time, make sure the aerator is working, keep a bottle of Rejuvenate on hand, and have been told to keep ice on your fish when it is really hot. Stop right there, and listen to what I’m going to tell you because that kind of behavior is actually harming your fish.

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