I just got back from Florida and have been playing around with some of the hot new stuff that was just released at ICAST and some of it is just plain nasty! Packs, storage, apparel, it’s hard to know where to start with it all! I’m sure you’ve already seen a lot of stuff, but here are some things I found that flew under the radar that are going to be big hits for 2015 and beyond!

1. Mt Pickett 20 by Paxis Pax www.paxispax.com MSRP: $275.00

Hikers, photographers, anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike:  meet your new best friend.  The incredible minds at Paxis Pax have created the most convenient piece of gear since [click to continue…]


Summer Evening Shallow Walleyes

Let’s face it, summer is by far one of the most awesome times to fish all year. There’s just something about 70 degree temps, sunny clear skies, and the smell of SPF 50 that screams “let’s go fishing!” But what about walleyes? Walleye seem to be talked about non-stop all spring, fall, and winter but hardly at all during the heat of July and August. Sure, trolling open water for suspended fish and jigging deep water structure can product nice fish, however there is a much easier way to target these finicky fish.

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Going out on a boat can be fun, but it can be dangerous and so it is important to put safety first. Aside from PFDs and lifejackets, you should also have an emergency kit ready and available in an easy to reach area in case it is needed at a moment’s notice. Getting everything ready prior to going out on the water should be a priority when organizing a boating or fishing trip, with enough supplies for each person coming along.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be the first thing that you get when preparing your emergency kit. If something was to happen while you were out on the water, it is imperative that you deal with it in a serious manner as it is harder to get medical attention when you are miles away from land. Having a full first aid kit will ensure that you are prepared for anything that could happen.

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3 Power Fishing Baits for Bass on Beds

1. Throw a Frog

There is only one thing more exciting than a top water explosion, and that is watching a big female on a bed charge your frog! Try fan casting a classic bedding area with your plastic amphibian before approaching it with your boat. This can help reduce spooking fish off beds, and it can help you locate them before you run them over. The commotion on the surface draws strikes from decent distances, but try to attack white spots or holes in surface vegetation first as they may hold bedding fish.

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New forecasting tools for stream and fly anglers are now on Fishidy! Find more details here.

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