Do You Really Need a Bigger Boat?

When it comes to boats, what really makes one boat better than another is pretty subjective. There are several factors that go into choosing the right boat for your needs. Someone who fishes tournaments on the Great Lakes will need features and characteristics that are different from someone fishing small inland waters. So without too much technical terminology and boring text, here is what in my opinion as a tournament angler makes for the best walleye boats.

Hull Materials

Ultimately, the biggest decision you will have to make when choosing a boat is what the boat is actually built out of. There are really only two choices: fiberglass and aluminum. Each material has its merits, and each has its downfalls.

tuffy 1760 fiberglass deep-v

Tuffy 1760 fiberglass deep-v

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Northeast Waters Come Alive with Fish

Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it, okay get at it!

Going into the start of striper season didn’t provide much excitement other than being a date on the calendar this past April.  The bite was slow, with the season opening to mediocre schoolie action that’s normally happening a month before the season.  There was a keeper here and there, and for most it was just a victory to be on the water or near its shores after a brutal winter.

Oddly enough the bluefish showed up much earlier than usual and in force.  Raritan Bay was Montauk west going into the first weeks of May.  While some nice sized bass were caught, the whole story was about the gorilla blues.  Antsy for action after a long offseason, the yellow eyed demons delivered.  After a week or two of anglers steamrolling through tackle wrecked by the toothy bluefish, the craving for stripes was on everyone’s mind.

Big pre spawn bass hugged the coastline of New Jersey and Staten Island on their way up the Hudson, and resident schoolies started to show up in the usual marshy and shallow water back bays of Long Island come the first week of May.  With reduced bag limits up and down the coast coupled with a new consciousness among anglers that we’re the ones responsible for the state of the fishery, many of the big fish were released to head north into the Hudson River spawning grounds. [click to continue…]


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New Species Data Added to Fishidy

We’re on a roll this week folks! We just released a new set of species centered updates to the Fishidy website, with the mobile app to follow in the next week!

  • Newly designed “My Fishidy” items for easier eye scanning
  • Pop-up species info with descriptions, images and common names to help you identify and learn more about the fish in your area
  • New species tab added to waterway pages with fully interactive list of species on a particular waterway
  • Species autocomplete added to the catch form – no more typing the full species name to add your catch!

Login to your Fishidy account now to see these updates and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Newest Updates on Fishidy

See below for the latest series of new updates on Fishidy!

1. New Braggin’ Board

The best fishing photo contest around has been designed to be even better! No more waiting a week before your entry gets approved. As soon as you submit, your catch is entered into the contest and becomes social-share ready to earn votes so you can become the next weekly Braggin’ Board champ!

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