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fishing for florida pompano

3 Fishing Tips to Beat the Midday Florida Heat

Visiting anglers to Florida are often surprised to find out that fishing can be very good in the heat of summer. The key to the good fishing is the abundance of forage that is present. Hordes of...
bass caught off submerged timber

Flippin’ Timber for Big Summer Bass

The fun spring bite is gone. Now what do you do? There is still a good bite to be had even in the dog days of summer. You could go fish ledges or possibly find some offshore structure, but...
key west on fishidy

6 Ways Your Depth Finder and Fishing Map Work Together

Depth finders have become an integral part of every angler’s tool set for decades. The term depth finder refers to a device utilizing sonar. Sonar emits high frequency sound waves that are inaudible to fish and humans. These impulses...

How to Get Your Kids to Absolutely Love Fishing

Be prepared Make sure you have all the gear you need before going out. The better you prepare, the more likely you’ll be to have success. Bring kid-friendly equipment. If you don’t own fishing...
late ice crappie

Four Late-Winter Tips for Catching More Panfish

Seek, Drill and Stay Mobile for Late Ice Crappies In smaller, shallower lakes, crappies are typically located and caught throughout much of the winter season over main-lake basins. In large, deep lakes, however, they...