Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Now What?

Staying sharp during the empty months of the off season. New York anglers are in for a one-two punch in a few days.  Blackfish season ends on Sunday the 14th and Striped Bass season is over Monday the 15th.  While...

5 Must Have Saltwater Lures for the Fall Run

It's go time.  The last shot of glory before fishing time is begrudgingly filled with replays of epic wins and epic fails of the previous season.  Unlike going into a new season with new tweaks to your fishing style...
high water

Fishing the Wisconsin River in High Water

Changing Water Levels Those of you, who regularly read my column, River Currents, know that I’ve lived on the Lower Wisconsin River for over 25 years. Everyday when I wake up, I’m looking out on the Wisconsin River. The river...
bass in livewell

How’s the Weather in Your Livewell?

I just got back from a tournament at Oneida Lake, my first after having installed my new V-T2 Livewell system from New Pro Products. This unique system is designed to improve the overall quality of your livewell both when...

Good Fishing Locations in Southern Wisconsin (Part 1)

The talk that I hear these days, from people in all walks of life, is the absurd price of gasoline. This in turn reflects on where people are going on their fishing outings and trips this summer and in...