Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Jordan’s Weekly Wrap-Up: A-Rig Essentials

Pictures of fish and various “set-ups” have been flooding the Internet for months now. And, I thought with spring right around the corner, it’d be a great time to throw out my opinions about the Alabama Rig. So, this...
cayuga lake sunset

Bringing Back Blades

How an Old-School Bait is Becoming a New-School Trend Just about every serious Midwestern walleye angler has at least one rusty, bent, chipped up blade bait, silently corroding at the bottom of the boat. Whether it is a Sonar, a...

Don’t Put That Boat Away Yet!

It’s just past Labor Day and for many Wisconsinites it’s the end of the fishing season. But, to the serious angler much of the really good fishing and the time of the year for catching big fish is just...

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

Ingredients: Fishing Hook Fishing Line Steps: Pull your fishing line through the hook eye. Take the tag end of the fishing line and run it back through the eye. Now, one side of the line will be looped. Make a...

Fishing Maps: The Importance of Depth Contours

Written by Brian Jensen, courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots® A significant feature on fishing maps today is depth measurement or contour lines. Reading and understanding contour lines are the two most important skills for finding fish....