Saturday, November 16, 2019
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cayuga lake sunset

Bringing Back Blades

How an Old-School Bait is Becoming a New-School Trend Just about every serious Midwestern walleye angler has at least one rusty, bent, chipped up blade bait, silently corroding at the bottom of the boat. Whether it is a Sonar, a...
small trout stream

The Outdoors Are for Everyone

The outdoors are for everyone including having fun in the winter, hunting and fishing. Sometimes when you have a disability, the outdoors can seem inaccessible or scary. Take it from me, and I walk with a cane and have...

Recycling Your Ripped Plastics

My own fishing lures? We've all caught fish before on a variety of different artificial baits.  You've probably had that exciting feeling that you get when you catch a fish with a certain style or type of bait that you've...
fishidy map of praire du sac

Good Fishing Locations in Southern Wisconsin (Part 2)

Fishing the Lower Wisconsin River The Lower Wisconsin River (LWR) flows from the dam just above Sauk City at Prairie du Sac and flows 92 unobstructed miles to its confluence with the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chein. There is...
a rig

Jordan’s Weekly Wrap-Up: A-Rig Essentials

Pictures of fish and various “set-ups” have been flooding the Internet for months now. And, I thought with spring right around the corner, it’d be a great time to throw out my opinions about the Alabama Rig. So, this...