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Troutin’ Round 2 – Learning The Basics

When I was young I learned that if you want to be good at something you have to practice. Since my debut into the trout fishing scene, I’ve gotten quite a few hours logged in my camo waders. In...

Basic Essentials for First Time Anglers

Congratulations, you decided to take up the greatest sport on the planet - fishing! Now you need to get geared up to hit the water. This can be confusing and overwhelming when looking at the thousands of different fishing...
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Fishing Maps: Planning Your Next Fishing Trip

Written by Brian Jensen, Courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots If you’re like me, planning or getting ready for your next fishing trip is half the fun. Spooling your reels, packing your tackle box, gassing up the...
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Good Fishing Locations in Southern Wisconsin (Part 2)

Fishing the Lower Wisconsin River The Lower Wisconsin River (LWR) flows from the dam just above Sauk City at Prairie du Sac and flows 92 unobstructed miles to its confluence with the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chein. There is...
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Two Must-Have Tools for Bedding Bass

Giving people information along with tips and tricks to catch better and more fish is something I enjoy. Soon in our southern states and in the next few months in the north will be bass spawning time. Spawn is...