Monday, August 3, 2020
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fishing gear

How to Make DIY Fishing Gear

Fishing is one of those few hobbies where, with a bit of patience and some gear, you can land yourself some free food - but stocking up on fishing gear can be expensive. Instead of breaking the...
types of water

Locating Fish by Types of Water

Written by Ryan Ketter, Courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots Although fish behavior is constant, each body of water they inhabit has its own personality. Anglers should recognize each water’s individual peculiarities. There are three basic types...
walleye jig and minnow

High Water Tactics for Spring River Walleyes

To say the least this has been a tough winter for those of us in Wisconsin and much if not all of the Midwest. There have been parts of the Midwest and Wisconsin that have gotten record snowfall amounts...

How Weather Affects Ice Fishing

Winter has settled into Wisconsin and the Midwest for going on two months. It’s been a tough winter with about average snowfall, but temperatures have been way below normal with Arctic blasts coming through the state every week. The...