This week we’ll be breaking down some polarized sunglasses with the help of Solar Bat! They are a company based in Indiana, and they’ve been making quality eye protection for years. Be sure to check out their line of polarized glasses and prescription, polarized glasses, as well. Be sure to read through the end of this blog post for a special promo code good for 20% off at!

What makes a great pair of polarized fishing glasses? Well, to be honest this isn’t a one-step answer. There are a lot of characteristics, lenses and technique-specific parts to look at when purchasing your next pair of glasses. To start, polarized lenses are made to cut glare from the top of the water to help visibility and improve performance of the eye. puts it best when they say, “Glare is to your vision as static is to your hearing.”

You also have to decide what you want them to do for you. Are they for flipping, dock fishing, bed fishing? Are you trying to decide which glasses are better for certain light conditions? Or, is it just eye protection that you’re looking for with your polarized lenses? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself as you look into buying that next set.

Now, lets breakdown some lens tints. There are four basic colors you’ll see on the market, which are gray, green, amber and yellow. That isn’t by coincidence either. These lens colors block out other colors, making the water appear more transparent.  Each color has its advantages over the others. Lets take a closer look at each one.


Gray – These lenses typically allow the smallest percentage of light transmission to the eyes. Gray is known as a neutral density filter, meaning it filters all wavelengths of the spectrum evenly. Perceptions of reds and greens are very true, and they do not distort any color perceptions.

Amber – The most comfortable lens to the eye is amber. Since blue light is tough on the eye, the amber tint cuts it out. Amber is very effective for overcast and flat light situations. It’s good at improving contrast in these flat light times. Amber tends to darken browns and distort color perception just a touch. This is my personal favorite for all purposes ranging from fishing to driving.

Green – These green lenses cancel out browns to the eye. They’re dark enough to wear in the sun or on clear days, and they will increase contrast in low light days as well. Green is the most ideal for scattered cloud cover since you won’t have to take them off to see better with passing clouds or with sunny conditions. Green gives you a great ability to find underwater structure. They make green objects such as bass or weeds much more visible. Finally, they improve visibility in muddy or murky water.

Yellow – This is the ultimate tint to improve vision in flat light. It also gives magnificent contrast in low light days. Yellow is not a very good tint for sunny and clear sky days. It’s the lens of choice on overcast days, fishing in the shade or looking for fish in poor lit areas such as under docks, backs of coves or under shade trees.

Some advantages of fishing with polarized lenses are as follows:

  • Ability to see fish on beds, docks and shallow water
  • Seeing fish chasing a bait so you can react accordingly
  • Finding underwater structures or weed lines
  • Finding shad or other bait fish
  • Look good on the water!

The last section I’ll cover is frame selection. I’ve had numerous types of frames over the years ranging from thin wire to thick plastic. I have to admit, for bass fishing, it’s more ideal to have taller and thicker frames. The more surface area on the glasses, the more the sun will be blocked out. The pair I’m currently using are the Solar Bat Kokomo.

Frame color may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve noticed that white or lighter color frames stay cooler on warm days. Black frames draw in the heat and can become hot on your face. Also, make sure the frame arms and nose-bridge have some rubber or gripping surface to keep them in the correct position and from sliding down your face.

Use these tips to your advantage when shopping for your next pair of polarized glasses. Polarized lenses will definitely increase your fish catching ability and knowledge of the lake. There’s so much missed by not being able to see bottom compositions, weed lines and structures. You’ll see and catch more fish guaranteed! Once you do catch more, be sure to post it on

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Stay Fishidy, friends!