By Brian Smith – Bass Angler Extraordinaire

Thousands of anglers are currently using, and that number is growing every day. Our users are enjoying a massive amount of great information provided by Fishing Hot Spots®, and if you’re one of the premium members of the site, you’ve been accessing detailed waterway information that gives you an advantage over other anglers fishing the same waterways. Fishidy’s location-based information shows you where to fish, and what to use through detailed, proven marked fishing areas. This information will surely assist you with landing some hogs on over 4,000 waterways we have in our system, some of which might not be familiar to you. offers information that has been checked and double-checked (we like to fish) and has been mapped for your viewing pleasure! Just go to the map and check out the areas outlined in blue, and see what you can find. also allows you to ‘follow’ waterways that you’re interested in and socialize with other users who are interested in those waterways. Our users are able to exchange information easily by posting questions and/or suggestions on how to be successful on the waterways they follow. Heck, you can talk about restaurants, campgrounds, anything you’d like — gives you the ability to share to your heart’s content.

So with all this information and social ability at your fingertips, why does Fishidy give you the opportunity to enter data about your locations?

  • It’s not to share with other users
  • It’s not to broadcast your ‘honey holes’ with other users (you can keep things private, share with friends or even with groups)

We’ve given you the opportunity to enter that data for one reason – to make you a better angler!

As you’re entering data, the folks at are working on ways to analyze your data to help you get on the water at the right time, use the right bait and get you on fish. The data entered is stored in a state-of-the-art, secure database and it’s saved for your use. As you enter more data and information, we’ll be able to find trends and make sense of the data in your fishing history. will be able to turn your data into information that will make you a better angler. The more data you enter, the more information we’ll be able to assemble for you and your success. has been built for anglers, by anglers, and we want your feedback on how to make this online resource even better. There’s a feedback button right on the site that allows you to give us your ideas, and we’re open to your suggestions, ANY suggestions. In fact, if you suggest something we use, we’ll give you a lifetime Premium Membership and a kick ass Fishidy trucker hat (just like the one I’m wearing in the photo above). That way, when you enter your data (and pictures) you can show off your Fishidy gear with the hog you pulled outta your newly discovered fishing hole!

We’re also interested in ways you’ve used to better your fishing experience and get on fish. Share a success story and be entered into a drawing to win a Fishidy shirt and hat.

Our ears are open! Let us know how you Fishidy!

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