Written by Ryan Ketter, Courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots

Although fish behavior is constant, each body of water they inhabit has its own personality. Anglers should recognize each water’s individual peculiarities. There are three basic types of inland waters: natural lakes, man-made reservoirs, and rivers.

When fishing a reservoir, there are two distinct areas to search for fish. The first are clouds lines created by feeder creeks or rivers. These areas are where game fish will stage when looking to feed. Another area that can be found in both reservoirs and rivers are areas a current.  Especially during the spawn, game fish use these areas for reproductive activities and for feed to be swept to them. Although most natural lakes have some type of current, anglers should focus on structural fish habitat. Areas with underwater humps, islands, weedbeds, rock piles, reefs, drop-offs, points, gravel and mud flats adjacent to deep water attract fish. If anglers can find similar structural fish habitat in rivers or reservoirs, these are also productive areas. River fish position themselves at strategic places to feed. To find areas where a hungry river fish will establish territory in slack water adjacent to current, check out Fishidy.com to find thousands of marked hot spots. If anglers use these basic fish locating tips it will improve an outing into successful outing.