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fishing boat

13 Tips for Fishing From a Boat

Fishing is a wonderful pastime, whether you're catching your dinner or tossing back whatever happens to latch onto your hook. While casting your line from the shore can be relaxing, it's not the only option. Here are...
tackle box

What to Look for When Buying a Tackle Box

Whether you fish as a hobby or more professionally, you'll inevitably end up with boxes upon boxes of tackle and other gear. It's easy to gather so much stuff you feel like you're drowning in it, which...
underwater northern pike

Understanding the 3 Basic Needs of Fish

Fish have three basic urges. First, each species requires acceptable habitat - a safe territory with appropriate light, temperature and dissolved oxygen content. Secondly, fish need a ready supply of food. And third, fish must have the...
catfish on cutbait

How and When to Use Cut Bait

Fishing can be a relaxing hobby if you're just throwing out a hook to see what you might catch. If you're targeting a specific type of fish or trying to snag something big enough to eat, you...
best bass fishing lures

The 5 Best Bass Lures and Baits

Many people think legendary fishers have secret spots or methods they use to attract zounds of tasty fish. That may be true, but in the thousands of years humans have been catching swimming food, we've come to know the best...