New Features Added!

Posting content on Fishidy just got easier and a lot more fun! Take a look at the illustration below for an explanation of some of the new features you’ll see.

new filter activity bar

[B]: The biggest change is the prominent filter in the center of the toolbar. You now have the ability to filter what you want to see by “Posts,” “Catches,” “Spots,” “Photos,” “Nearby Activity,” and the default, “All Activity.” One of the most powerful filters here is “Nearby Activity,” which will show you what’s trending in your area. It’s a great way to view the most engaging posts and begin following new members and waterways you may not have known about.

[C]: The plus button now represents what you click on to share content. Click here and a new window will appear where you can begin posting text and sharing images. Your privacy options can be toggled from here as well.

[A]: Launch a quick, interactive tutorial that will help you learn more about these new features and others within Fishidy.

We hope you enjoy the changes! Sign in to your Fishidy account now, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


    • Hi Brian,

      Welcome to the Fishidy blog and thanks for reaching out! Not all of Fishidy’s waterways offer the same level of detail on the maps. Checkout our FAQ page or you can send us a message from here: and out customer support team will help you find what you’re looking for. Thanks!

    • George,

      Thanks for stopping by the Fishidy blog! We’d suggest you post this same offer on the Oneida Lake waterway page here on Fishidy. There are currently 420 other members following activity there. You will need to create a free Fishidy account first to sign and post to the page. Here’s a direct link: Good luck!

  1. Saturday April 4th was Ice out on Lake Minnetonka, at least for me. I had the boat in the water by 9:30 and spent the day cruising the bays. There is still Ice piled on the northeast shores in some spots but I never saw an ice burg. I really didn’t want to play Titanic in that 40-44 degree water. Lots of fish between 10-20 feet deep.