We’ve all had days when it seems like no matter what you try – changing lures, slowing down your retrieve, new spots – the fish just won’t bite. What if there was a way to see if other anglers on the waterways you’re fishing were having success? Find out what they were using and where? With Fishidy’s real-time fishing activity notifications, you now have that advantage!

smallmouth bass

Did you know that by following your favorite waterways and following new members, you become immediately connected to a network of real-time fishing activity? When someone records a new catch, marks a new spot, or shares a fishing report on the waterways you follow, you’ll be instantly notified through Fishidy in real-time!

Start by searching for your favorite waterways and clicking on the blue, “+ Follow” button. Doing so will add these waterways to your activity feed, and at the same time subscribe you to real-time fishing activity notifications delivered via email.

follow button

You always have full control over which types of notifications you’d prefer to receive, and how often – instantly, daily or weekly. Just follow this link http://www.fishidy.com/user/update, and you’ll find these options under the dropdown menu named “Email Notification Preferences.”

email notification preferences

With Fishidy, you’re in control and on top of the hot bite, in real-time!


  1. Does anyone have any experience with writing a Sponsorship Proposal Or how to go about gaining a sponsor ?
    I have a great company in mind to ask but I’m just not real sure how to go about it …Thanks

  2. I moved over to the area of 59th st boat ramps I just bought a small 16ft bow rider and wanted tohing tri know if any locals could point me to a few spots have my grandpa coming down who taught me to fish and this might be our last time gong out together and I really want him to have a good last fishing trip. So any where around the mouth at manatee or egmont key and a good bait I have a few nets and a fewpoles so if someone could just kinda point me the right way with a few tips I would owe a great deal to you thank you and if anyones ever in Daytona or Stt. Augustiine I wll happily do the same for you. PS I know no one likes to giive up their honey holes but II promse catch and release. Just want one last fshng trip with the man who gave me my first Cane pole.

  3. Love this site, enjoy hearing and commenting on the post. Really like to help others looking for a good place to fish on KY, Lake Barkley,& our great river systems. I live in fishing Heaven, I have both lakes, the Cumberland, Ohio,& TENNESEE River systems. I fish them all depending on the weather and time of year. If the wind is blowing to hard to be safe on the major lakes, go to the river. No large groups of boaters always a little current, and no matter how bad it rains or the wind blows you can find a great place to spend the day on the water. The best thing about the rivers, is no telling what you will catch. Weather it be game fish or rough fish, I promise you will have a good time. Been fishing most of my life in this area in Western Ky & have had a lot of good stories to tell. After 30 + years I have learned a lot by trial & error, have had a few articles published in a few magazines and enjoy the great outdoors. Have fun and remember to wear those life jackets while boating. Always keep both eyes on the task at hand, be thoughful of others, & watch for any obsticals in these waterways. Especially during winter pool, & the rainy month of May when the water gets muddy & 50 foot logs may be afloat. Bye for now my friends, GOOD FISHING & TAKE A VETERAN OR CHILD FISHING FISHING EVERYTIME YOU CAN. REMEMBER TAKE A MAN FISHING, FEED HIM FOR A DAY, TEACH A MAN,WOMAN OR CHILD HOW TO FISH AND FEED THEM FOR LIFE. (GOD BLESS)