This past weekend the University of Maine Fishing Club went off to explore a brand new waterway – Cold Stream Pond in Enfield, ME. The club features a varied group of anglers committed to working on their craft, from some beginners to the experienced veterans. Cold Stream’s waters feature stocks of landlocked salmon, brook trout and native Maine lake trout – BUT it can be a tough place to fish unless you know what you’re doing.

brown trout ice fishing in maine

Brian Green’s quote, “exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty,” is most applicable for a fisherman trying a new body of water. You’re never more vulnerable as a fisherman than when you’re out of your element, lacking the required knowledge you need to succeed [depths, structure, water current trends]. That’s where fishing’s hottest resource comes into play – Fishidy. The UMaine Club relies on Fishidy to plan and organize its trips, and create a plan of attack to get our members on a quality bite!

Club founder Cody Rubner noted, “Chasing landlocked salmon, we keyed in on areas of depth change that would provide the salmon with ambush points to attack the schools of smelts they’re chasing around the lake. Getting after this type of fish is a mix of expertise and gambling. That’s what makes it so fun! And that’s why I need the Fishidy app by my side 24/7.” Club member Paul Fiore added, “doing your research before going on a trip is absolutely vital to how your day will turn out. A huge part of that research would be the topographical map of your targeted water. Since we were hunting gorgeous native Maine Lake Trout, we were going to have to find some deep drop-off and structure for the lakers to stack up on.”

university of maine fishing club

The start of Saturday’s trip was a grind, but our spot choice ended up paying off. As the afternoon rolled on, flags began to fly. Some quality salmon and togue were brought up from the depths of Cold Stream. The undergraduates were pumped to catch some fish because they are competing in an ice fishing photo contest for the state of Maine that’s being hosted by Why Knot Fishing. The contest is open to all Maine fishermen, and has a special winning category specifically for the UMaine students. With spring break coming up and most college students ready to hit the tropical beaches for a good time, the University of Maine’s club members can’t wait to get back out on the ice again!