Can you see Sam’s head peaking out of the weeds?

The hole is not very deep. Maybe 3.5 feet at max. The top of the hole necks down and is really shallow. The bottom of the hole is a culvert about 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide oblong pipe that goes under the road.

trout hole stream

The photo is taken upstream from the highway. I am standing where the culvert goes under the road.

Sam and I hit the hole at 7:30pm. This is where the big trout broke him off about 2 weeks ago. She is about a 26 inch extremely fat female brown.

Sam’s head is exactly where he hooked her before. Sam is seated in the photo. On the prior break off he was standing and it was 4pm.

Sam waited 2 hours for her to come out and she declined. Sam walked up to the culvert and dangled his worm in the opening a couple times. The third time she came blasting out of the culvert and attacked the crawler and went back in the culvert never to return this evening. I was watching from a distance and planned on being net man and photographer.

This trout is truly a puzzle.

How/when/with what would you attack this hole?


  1. We are new to the area and will be headed to Lake Keowee in mid November. Is there any good fishing at Lake Keowee at that time of year?

  2. there are two ways to go about this. you could stand on the culvert and dap her out with a size 14 pheasant tail and a long leader or the funner way, take the biggest zonker fly you have, size 4 or something, get well upstream of her. Cast about 6 or 8 ft above the culvert, have 2 or 3 ft of slack in your hand, shake the rod tip left and right and wait for it to straighten and then either swing it in front of her or make 2 short strips. Every cast will count, if you don’t get her in 3, let her rest. The downside to the dapping method will be keeping her out of the culvert. with the streamer, you have the leverage on your side.