If you haven’t heard about Mystery Tackle Box by now, you have just plain missed the boat!  They offer a subscription service for new bass fishing tackle that you probably have not tried before.  Mystery Tackle Box offers products from plastics, to swim baits, and everything in between.  This months box has been my favorite thus far, let me tell you why.

Spittin’ Wa – River2Sea

The first item that immediately grabbed my attention was the Spittin’ Wa by River2Sea.  It is a hollow bodied frog armed with a two massive 6/0 hooks. This spitting, chugging, walking frog is like no other because of its versatility.  It can be fished in the extreme slop or in open water.  The unique bubble jets that are cut into the chugging end of the frog leave a bubble trail that is meant to draw more strikes! Its large profile is great for a late season pattern, and it comes in many colors to fit the type of forage in your area.

jordan catching a bass

Z-Man Chatterbait Pro & Saw Tail WormZ

One of bass fishing’s more recent inventions, the chatterbait, was included in this months edition of Mystery Tackle Box. This is a great bait to use as a change up to a spinner bait or swim jig.  Make one pass with a spinnerbait on a key area and come back with a  chatter bait and pick up those fish that have seen that same ole’ white/chartreuse spinner bait year after year!   It is known for the erratic swimming motion that replicates injured bait fish.  Also, it has a flash, vibration, and action that is unlike anything else in the industry.

The other Z-Man product in this month’s box was a 6″ worm.  It is salt-impregnated to attract bass from a distance and make them strike and hold on since it is so durable.  This worm not only totes the tail action, but also the ability to float up backwards to entice more strikes. This is a great bait to texas or carolina rig.  Be sure to check out Z-Man’s entire line of chatterbaits and other products at zmanfishing.com!

4″ Drop Shot Craw – Dry Creek Outfitters

This itty bitty crawfish is great for spring time drop shotting.  Tail hook this creature bait in the spring with a 6-10″ leader down to your drop shot and hang on!  I cannot wait to try this out bed fishing for BIG large AND smallmouth bass!  This can be a great pattern to try in the fall for smallmouth on a weed to rock transition on a drop off.  The Dry Creek Outfitters Drop Shot Craw is a perfect example of a bait that I would not have thought to pick up while walking by a stack of baits, but because it was sent to me by Mystery Tackle Box I have flooded my mind with places and techniques where I want to try it out!

september mystery tackle box

Ultra Lock EWG Hook – Mustad

This is a perfect soft plastic hook for texas or weight-less rigging. It is a chemically sharpened hook, so you know its going to penetrate through when you set the hook. Also, the offset shank provides an ideal way to keep your bait from sliding down.  In return, it gives you more bites and better hook-up ratios when those monster bass come knocking at your door!

Each box included a description card that tells you about the features of each box, their use, and their retail cost.  The box I just received had over a $35 dollar value!  That is absurd, especially when each box includes a card to get your first Mystery Tackle Box for just $4.99. What a deal! Be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more details and contests!


    • Thanks Jason! Got a couple on that yesterday where I could find busting bait fish. Also, got a few on a jig! I really like the Z-Man SawTail, as well! Great for dragging a texas rigged bait instead of a jig to change up a pass after you had already gone through once! Good action and the longevity of that bait will mitigate downtime in the boat.