Fishidy has launched a valuable, new tool: The Fishing Forecaster!

This tool predicts where, when and what the fish are biting on to help anglers catch more fish, more often.

Basic Features

Find the Fishing Forecaster by viewing one of Fishidy’s maps, and hovering over Tools in the menu bar:

fishing forecaster in tools bar

From there, select the species being targeted and the date, and click on Get Forecast:

select species

A new window will pop up that displays a summary of the peak activity times, plus a tip for what type of structure to fish and what type of lure/bait to use:

forecaster basic

Premium Features

Premium Fishidy Members have access to advanced settings including weather and water variables, which deliver an enhanced fishing forecast:

add more info

more info choices

After setting advanced variables, an enhanced fishing forecast displays a graph of peak fishing activity, plus an hourly breakdown of tips and techniques. Premium Members can input dates as far as a year in advance, which comes in useful for planning future fishing trips:

premium fishing forecaster

Sign up or sign in to Fishidy today to give it a try!


    • Hi Brian, right now the Fishing Forecaster is only available on Fishidy via your desktop computer (not the mobile app). When viewing from your desktop, navigate to any of Fishidy’s maps, find “Tools” in the menu bar below, and hover over “Tools” with your pointer to open a menu of options. The new Fishing Forecaster tool will be listed at the top. Click there and the tool will launch. Please reach out with any other questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Bart, see our response to Brian’s similar question earlier in this comment thread. Please reach out again if that does not answer your question. Thanks!