With the winter season looming, it may not be too early to start looking at that pile of ice fishing gear you have stored in a corner of your basement (like me). Or, start pulling it out of the shed/attic to see what you’ll be working with this winter. In many cases, it can be a great time to start budgeting for the purchase of some new items. (Make sure to read this entire post to get a valuable discount!)

This is also the time of year when new gear is being reintroduced into your nearby tackle stores and retailers, but this year you’ll find a new style of Beaver Dam’s on their shelves. I’m not talking new colors or different style flags. I’m talking ROUND tip-ups!

The 2012 edition of the Beaver Dam tip-ups will feature a new, round design. These freeze-proof, windproof and foolproof tip-ups will keep frustrations at bay while your fingers are as frozen as the water you’re standing on! They truly are built to last a lifetime, not just the upcoming ice fishing season. Beaver Dam tip-ups come standard with components of the highest quality. Each one of these handmade tip-ups is assembled one-at-a-time, so each detail is done accurately and precisely. Plus, they’re made in the USA!

The round Beaver Dam tip-ups are available in two different sizes. The 10” model is perfect for covering 9” holes and smaller, where the 12” model will cover 10” holes. They’re available in the traditional red color for visibility purposes. They also have a treated wood base and an insulated rubber bottom to keep your holes ice-free!

I’ve used many kinds of tip-ups over the years, but there’s no question the quality of a Beaver Dam product is at an entirely different level. They never freeze tight, never break and work like new after many, many years. If you want to get serious about tip-up fishing you’ve got to get Beaver Dam tip-ups! Check them out at www.unclejosh.com, but first make sure you create a free profile on www.Fishidy.com, during the month of November, to get an insider discount on your entire Beaver Dam product purchase!

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  1. Back in 1981, my father got a red Beaver Dam arctic fisherman rail tip up for Christmas. We’ve used it ever since on lake Winnebago and Lake Poygan. This last season (2015) I was able to catch a huge walleye on it. The only thing we ever did was change the hooks. Talk about quality. Also, I purchased a painted tiger striped pattern limited edition rail (I just like tigers) and I caught a huge walleye, a decent perch, and of all things, a tiger trout on it. You can see the orange pattern and flag from a mile away, so that’s not a problem. Though it looks flashy, it works like a charm. What I’m saying is Beaver Dam equipment is top of the line. I look forward to buying and using a round tip up just because I know it will consistently work. Just thought I’d comment on how much we like Beaver Dam’s stuff.