By Brian Jensen – President of

Our recent release of the Mobile iPhone app represents a huge milestone for It’s the start of our transformation from a website into a full-fledged fishing platform that covers each stage of the fishing process.

Step 1: is a great tool to plan. You can use it to view the best fishing maps available on our interactive maps. Not to mention weather, moon phases and other great fishing information all from the comfort of your couch or office – to help you plan, and be successful on your next fishing adventure.

Step 2: Never before have anglers had the tools  needed to execute while on the water. Mobile changes that by providing great interactive mapping tools, waterway info and logging tools completely integrated with your iPhone’s GPS and camera. You can view detailed fishing maps, store your catches and check out weather and waterway information on a free, easy to use app now available in the iTunes store.

Step 3: also provides a great way to share the successes of your fishing adventures through our easy to use social networking and fishing log tools. We give you the option to share your catches and photos with your fishing buddies so you can tell each other what worked and what didn’t.

Mobile data will continue to be a huge part of Fishidy, so please stay tuned for the launch of our Android app, along with numerous feature updates for our iPhone app, and a more mobile-friendly website – For more information on our mobile app, download it for free in the iTunes store here – Mobile App.

Warning: It’s hard to take your eyes off the new Mobile app but for your own safety, please do not “Fishidy” and drive (boats included)…..

Tight Lines,