By Brian Jensen, Fishidy President

We typically refer to as the world’s first, map-based, social network. We use the phrase “social network” mostly as a distinctive term so people understand our technology and what sets us apart from other websites out there. But to me is really an online community with an emphasis on community. I often feel like the word “network” is slightly impersonal. I think of my “network” as my business connections, colleagues and service providers. When I think of my “community” I think of my friends, family, civil servants, and restaurants and culture that make up where I live.

I take great pride in my community but often don’t think in those terms when it comes to my network (no offense colleagues, you know I love you!). That pride in our online community is really what drives us here at Fishidy. We also recognize that for any community to be successful, we must have active engagement and input from our community members.

That’s why I’m happy to announce the creation of the Fishidy Task Force. This Task Force is made up of a large group of our community members. They will provide us with input that will directly impact the development of new features, design and functionality on We’re excited these anglers are willing to volunteer their time and we thank them for their hard work and dedication to our community.

Our commitment to the Fishidy community members’ needs and wants doesn’t stop there. In the near future we will be deploying a survey page to allow all Fishidy members to actively provide feedback and suggestions to continue to make the best possible resource for anglers. I encourage everyone to actively participate.

Thanks and Tight Lines!