Saturday, January 25, 2020
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smith with bass

Kickin’ It Old School…With Dad.

By Brian Smith - Fishidy Founder I’d say the year was 1990, my father had just moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from a small town in western PA. We left the life of small streams and trout to the fertile waters...
small trout stream

Fly vs. Spin, No Contest

Chris Young is up from Chicago with the Lee Wullf Trout Unlimited Chapter for their Spring get together.  I had met Chris a couple years back and given him some tips on where to fish.  He much appreciated the...

Trout Fishing in Germany

I lived in Germany from 1978 to 1984. The trout fishing there is legendary. The glacier fed streams were cold to say the least. While in the Army there I decided it was much too rich for my blood....
catfish that looks like cow 2

Catfish or Cowfish? You Decide.

An angler recently shared photos with The Oklahoma Fishing Fools Facebook Page of an unusual looking catfish he reeled in from Lake Eufaula. We've seen tons of catfish of different shapes and sizes here on Fishidy, but nothing like...
bowfishing boat

Kentucky Lake Provides an Angler’s Mecca

This past week I found myself on the shores of Kentucky Lake for a convention I attended. We stayed at the Kentucky Dam Village, where I learned about the vast recreational opportunities the lake had to offer. Not only is...