An angler recently shared photos with The Oklahoma Fishing Fools Facebook Page of an unusual looking catfish he reeled in from Lake Eufaula. We’ve seen tons of catfish of different shapes and sizes here on Fishidy, but nothing like the one below!

catfish that looks like cowcatfish that looks like cow 2catfish that looks like cow 3Though they’re rare, others have reported catching similar types of Holstein-looking catfish on this lake. Apparently you have a 1 in 15,000 chance! So get out there and start chucking catfish baits – or maybe grass, hay, etc.

And don’t forget to check out Fishidy’s interactive fishing map of Lake Eufaula before you head out!

Lake Eufaula online fishing map


  1. I’ve seen some strange looking catfish including one that was a green color but I’ve never seen one that looks like it should be in a dairy barn. I wonder what causes it to look like that, could it be something to do with the lake? I would definitely have to have it mounted just due to the rarity of it. Being that the odds aren’t in ones favor to catch another one like it.