Android users will be armed with the latest on-the-water fishing app intelligence as Fishidy has just released a fully re-vamped, new version of the mobile app now available in the Google Play Store. Here’s what you can expect to see as new and improved in this version.

Map-Focused Experience

Upon opening the app, you will notice that you immediately have a view of your current location on the map. Your familiar activity feed view is only a tap away. This map-based focus makes it easier for your on-the-water fishing trips so you can begin navigating to saved spots, or new locations on the map right away.

gps location on map

Map Layers

You will notice that the map “layers” icon has been moved onto the map itself for easier access. Here you can switch between different base map options – aerial, aerial with labels, and standard – and a list of other layers to toggle on/off including catches, spots, species filter, date filter, Premium layers, and offline map storage.

map layer options

Download Offline Maps

Speaking of offline maps, did you know that you can now download any section of a map and access it while offline? With Fishidy Premium, you can draw a custom outline of a specific waterway or region, download it to your mobile device, and have access to the same data-rich information you’re used to seeing when online. This comes in very handy when you’re in areas with limited internet connectivity, or escaping on a fishing trip to a remote location!

download offline maps

Waterway Summaries

While browsing the map, you will notice the names of waterways near the top of the screen. Tap on the name, and you will be directed to a waterway info screen that will give you a summary of current weather conditions, catches/spots shared in the area, and other basic information.

waterway summary

Fishing Insights

A major addition to the Android mobile app is the new Fishing Insights section. With Fishidy Premium, the new Fishing Insights section delivers all of the knowledge necessary for you to make smarter decisions on which species to target based on peak activity levels, optimal conditions, and local tips that give you the best chance of catching more fish, more often.

new fishing insights

Species Forecasts

Compare fishing forecasts for up to 3 of the most popular freshwater species for your body of water. Discover which species are the most active and find the best times to target them.

fishing insights compare fish

Optimal Conditions

Your one-stop-shop for the latest weather and water conditions including air temperature, barometer, wind speed/directions, tidal height predictions, water temperature, current speed/direction, and moon phase data.

optimal fishing conditions

Waterway Tips and Info

Discover fishery details including general background info, access areas, popular species to target, seasonal movements, and stocking info where available.

waterway fishing tips

Catch and Spot Logging

Rather than filling out many fields in a hard-to-use form, the process for logging a catch and recording a spot has been converted to a more visual, step-through format which makes everything quicker and easier, saving you time so you can get back to actively fishing.

catch flow

New “Hidden Location” Privacy Option

When logging a catch you now have a new, “Hidden Location” option available. This means that you can log your coordinates privately and share the waterway where your catch was made all at the same time. This allows you to keep the most important part of your best catches 100% secret, while still allowing you to share your photo and general details with other Fishidy members.

privacy options

Reorganized Activity Stream

Your activity feed has been reorganized into three, separate tabs to give you quick access to the information you’re looking for most. You will find “Waterway” information that pertains to the current map view or location you’re viewing. Tap on the name of the waterway displayed to begin a quick search for other, nearby waterways. Your “News Feed” pulls together everything you’ve been actively following on Fishidy, including multiple waterways and other users. And the “My Activity” feed is all of your own shared posts, catches and spots.

activity feeds

Profile, Notifications and Inbox

Your main profile page has been given more front and center visibility for easier access to your waterway alerts, notifications, and direct message inbox. Unread notifications and direct messages will be indicated by a red labeled number. Tap near the top of your profile to find more details about each.

profile and notifications

We hope you enjoy this new version of the Fishidy Android app. Be sure to download the latest updates from the Google Play Store now!