Case Canoe started in the garage, built from a beat up boy scout canoe. Garage door parts were used to create the first components. Even the little boy across the street said, “Mr. Bob, you’re going to sink!” Through three years of development and use, Case Canoe has developed the latest in canoe design.

Bridging the gap between outboard driven fishing boats, and paddle driven kayaks, Case Canoe gives you the space for equipment, a friend and a dog to go out on the water for the day without the need for a trailer. Just throw the canoe on the top of your vehicle and a couple straps and you are good to go!

no paddle necessary
No paddles needed

Capt. Alex Case has traveled across the country with the Case Canoe. Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas, Big Bear Lake in Big Bear, California, the San Francisco Bay, and Johnson Lake, Nebraska, are just some of the bodies of water throughout the country that Case Canoe has been able to visit. No trailers required for such a trip, just a 1997 Jeep Wrangler and 3 ratchet straps!

case canoe austin tx

Everywhere Capt. Alex Case traveled, the same questions were asked:

“How is that canoe moving without you paddling?”

“How do you steer the canoe?”

“Where can I get one?”

Case Canoe has inspired a sense of anticipation and curiosity, simply because it is the latest in canoe design.

Case Canoe takes fishing and hunting from small, shallow craft to the next level. The modified hull provides 360° steering capabilities for unparalleled control. The patented drive system allows the motor to retract, preventing the motor from limiting the depth of water the Case Canoe can operate in. The steering mechanism is simple and durable, preventing any problems while on the water.

retractable case canoe motor

Case Canoe have used their years of using the canoe to create an experience that we truly enjoy, and are confident that you will too!

The Case Canoe provides a platform on the water that has endless applications. There are no noisy motors that ruin sound during video shoots. Use the motor as an assistant to your paddling workout! Even take someone out in the Case Canoe who would not have been able to paddle before, and show them the sites that you have enjoyed from your paddle trips.

Case Canoe not only takes the paddle out of the hands of those with a paddle, but opens a door for those who could not paddle before.

motorized canoe

Case Canoe is now accepting pre-orders through From concept to canoe, Case Canoe was an idea, executed in a garage, and now built into a grand-prize for the NYS Winter Classic Fishing tournament. To support Case Canoe, and their mission to make our waterways more accessible, pre-order a Case Canoe on Kickstarter!