Fishing is one of the simpler things in life. There’s something so peaceful about casting a line and listening to the gentle lapping of waves while breathing in fresh air. Puffing on a high quality cigar while you wait for a tug on your line only enhances the overall fishing experience. As you’re lighting up your cigar, you feel a big pull and you’re ready to reel in your catch. But wait … where do you put your cigar? Enter: the Stage V Clinger. Here are a few ways this versatile cigar holder can bring your next fishing excursion to another level:

Keeps the Focus on Fishing

When a fish finally gets hooked on the end of your line as you’re taking a puff, you shouldn’t have to stop and figure out what to do with your cigar. Setting it down on an area that’s wet or damp will only do damage to your cigar, but holding onto it isn’t exactly a great option either. The Stage V Clinger keeps your smoke safe and protected while you focus on fishing.

cigar holder on boatPrevents the Transfer of Germs

Setting down your cigar on a dirty fishing boat might be the most convenient option at the time, but it certainly isn’t the most hygienic. The germs and bacteria from the surface of your boat could be transferred to your mouth every time you take a puff. But with the Stage V Clinger, you can enjoy your time out on the water without having to worry what might be on the end of your stogie.

Allows Easy Movement

The versatility of the Stage V Clinger allows you to fish from anywhere. The sleek design makes it easy for you to attach the holder to anything nearby, whether it’s a chair, a cooler or a pole. This means if you need to quickly move to the other side of your boat, your cigar can come with you and you can be sure it will stay protected.

Preserves Your Good Cigars

Without having a cigar holder to rely on while you fish, you could damage a lot of perfectly good stogies. They often get dropped on the ground or damaged from being set down on a damp surface. Stop wasting your good cigars and take the Stage V Clinger on your next trip to keep your stogie lit and dry throughout the entire fishing experience.

Customize your very own Stage V Clinger with your name or business logo and have it delivered just in time for your next fishing trip!