If you’re familiar with Fishidy and our nationwide fishing community that’s taken off the past several years, you may have come across one of our more popular members at one point or another – maybe due to a shared fishing spot, a comment on a post, or a photo of a giant Kentucky bass. This member is Eddie Goode, and not only is he one of the most popular members of Fishidy’s community, he’s one of the most genuinely kind, knowledgeable, and willing-to-share fishermen you will ever meet. Eddie has been an incredible help to Fishidy’s core team itself – offering to host webinars, participate in seminars, and share hundreds of fishing spots on lakes all across the country to make Fishidy’s maps even more powerful. If you’re not following Eddie on Fishidy yet, we highly suggest you do!

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eddie goodeEddie’s true passion however, is charitable work that benefits kids in local communities. He is the President of an organization named Fishing for Kids with a mission to invest in young people through a combination of teachings and activities in the outdoors thereby giving them the confidence to grow as individuals and strengthen their own communities to ensure more successful futures.

eddie teachingHere is a direct excerpt from the organization’s mission and goals:


At Fishing For Kids, we believe that by investing in young people, we are investing in the community as a whole. We are dedicated to the enrichment of our youth through sound, fundamental teaching that transcends all generations. By providing kids the opportunity to learn and grow in an exciting new environment, we will be ensuring their future.


At Fishing For Kids, we combine a love of the outdoors with a passion for reaching the young people in our community. Our organization operates for the sole purpose of providing all children the opportunity to enjoy our natural surroundings through a variety of outdoor activities and educational programs such as:

Camping • Canoeing • Fishing • Hiking

By working with and through other non-profit organizations, we have committed ourselves to providing services to any youth who desire to participate, regardless of their ability.


We live in a society of instantaneous gratification. Fast food, drive-ins, minute meals, and tevo television have accustomed us to a fast-paced lifestyle where everything is on demand. But the outdoors are different; nature forces us to slow down. At Fishing For Kids, we want to help young people step out of their normal routines and the hustle and bustle of every day life, and experience the outdoors first-hand.

Outdoor adventures teach values and create memories that leave a lasting imprint on a young person’s mind. At Fishing For Kids, our trained staff leads in an array of hands-on outdoor activities that help to develop character, build strong leadership skills, and empower young people to recognize their full potential.

Our desire is to provide a setting where young people receive personal attention and feel comfortable in developing personal relationships with our staff and volunteers.

Our goal is to offer new and exciting opportunities that will assist young people in establishing a solid foundation upon which to build for the future.

Final Note: Our children today have vast opportunities to participate in activities well beyond what we had available. This leads to a difficult decision which needs to be made by all outdoors men and women. How do we get our children involved in our beloved pursuits?

kids fishing classAs you might imagine, it’s not easy keeping a non-profit organization like Fishing for Kids well supported. It’s a daunting task for volunteers, and takes financial support from individuals as well as corporations. However, this organization gives back so much to local communities in the form of volunteer hours that it assures supporters every penny donated will go directly to the fostering of new relationships, development of new programs and activities for the youth.

A great way to contribute is in the form of discontinued or damaged fishing gear (staff works for free to fix it) that will be distributed to kids fishing classes as needed and as prizes. Any type of fishing or outdoor gear donation is greatly appreciated.

kids fishing gearTo learn more about Fishing for Kids, or find out how to get involved, or make a donation feel free to reach out to Eddie Goode. You can find him on Fishidy as well as through the contact methods listed below:

Eddie Goode
Fishing for Kids
Cell# 502-541-1918

Ship to address:
945 St. Francis Road
St. Francis, KY 40062