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labor day saleUnlock access to Fishing Hot SpotsĀ®, mapped underwater structures, an advanced fishing forecaster, and other tools to help you fish smarter!

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  1. I’ve looked over your website, but I can’t find anywhere that describes what it is or what it costs. I fish mostly saltwater from Carrabelle to St. Marks, Florida. My fishfinder croaked so all I have now is a cellphone, Android with a minor amount of data each month. I could get a plan with more data if your product needs
    a cell connection to stream data. I downloaded an app, Navionics on my previous phone. Does your service
    include their data/maps?

    • Hi Louie, have a look at our Premium page here: http://www.fishidy.com/premium which describes the features and pricing options. The contours you’ll find on Fishidy’s maps come with a basic (free) Fishidy account, but the Fishing Hot SpotsĀ®, mapped underwater structure (cribs, wrecks, submerged weedlines, etc.) and several other tools become unlocked when you upgrade to a premium subscription. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Thanks!