Giving people information along with tips and tricks to catch better and more fish is something I enjoy. Soon in our southern states and in the next few months in the north will be bass spawning time. Spawn is a great time of year to catch bass on beds. This is done in mainly shallow water, so having the best visibility is a must. Two tools you will need that are going to help you capitalize on these bass are going to be a great pair of sunglasses and the best choice of baits.

Visible Baits

Bait during the spawn is important in making the perfect presentation that bass are going to eat. This time of year is when soft plastic baits are king. What I prefer is a Nemesis Baits bullet craw; it gives such a subtle action that even the most finicky bedding bass are going to eat. Though, color is not going to matter much because these bass are going to chase anything out of their bed, choosing a color that is most visible to the angler is going to be most important. I recommend using the Nemesis Baits Pearl Silver color.  It’s a color that you are going to be able to see from your boat.

nemesis baits bullet craw pearl silver bullet craws

Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses are the second tool you will need to catch these bedding bass. You are going to want polarized sunglasses that will block out the glare and reflection off the water. This is going to help you while searching for beds and spotting which ones have bass on them. Most people choose amber color lenses for this time of year, but I use green. Solar Bat sunglasses have a polarized lens called Mossback that is one-of-a-kind. The Mossback lens bleaches out most of the brown in water and brightens up the green. This is perfect when bed fishing because the green of a largemouth bass is going to pop out better and you will be able to find those green weed beds easier.

mossback solar bat lens

When you pair these two tools together, you are going to have an advantage over the bass and your success is going to increase. Also before you head out on the water make sure to check your Fishidy maps for shallow water areas with gravel, sand, limited weeds and stumps. This is where you search should start for spawning bass.

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