About a week ago my mail carrier Jim Gainor gave me a tip on a big trout he had follow right here in Richland Center. I stored it in my memory for another day. That another day was this morning at first light.

I was accompanied by Joe Chadwick. He was tossing worms while I was spinning the area. It was a short outing.

Joe was yelling for me to come help within 2 minutes of getting to the Pine River right in town. I waded out quite a ways and waited for Joe to tire the fish out. This fish was big and hunkered down to the bottom. It finally surfaced and then I got exited. I waded out further “almost to the top of my waders” because this trout was absolutely huge.

The battle went on for what seemed forever. A couple walking by on the bridge stopped and I could hear them yelling and cheering. This only made Joe and I more nervous.

Finally the trout tired out and I netted it. Luckily I had my huge LDH Net. The couple on the bridge applauded us and came down to admire the female brown.

monster brown trout

She measured 31 5/8s inches. This makes 4 small stream trout over 30 inches that Joe has caught in his life. I get an assist again. Joe is having it mounted on the same driftwood as his last 30 inch small stream brown.