Written by Ryan Ketter, Courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots

Once you learn to visualize, you will catch fish like a professional.

Visualization is the ability to form a mental picture of something that is beyond your sight. Since you cannot see beneath the surface of the water very far, you have to create in your mind’s eye what drop-offs, weed edges, rock reefs, inside turns, contours and creek channels look like. Then you mentally add where fish are likely to be or where your depthfinder shows them. To visualize, you have to translate the two-dimensional flat fishing map like found on Fishidy.com into a multi-dimensional picture. Now that you have created a picture in your mind prior to fishing a specific location, all you have to do is figure out what bait presentation works best for the given situation.  If you present your bait the proper way, you will effectively catch fish.  Once you have created that visualization of what is on the hump and what the drop-offs look, it will improve your fishing success.  When fishing with an accurate visualization of the underwater scene, it eliminates most of the random haphazard of angling.  Even though visualization takes time, the more you practice the technique, the more you realize it is time well spent.