A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It is one of the most iconic fishing movies ever made, and for good reason. It embodies the feeling of what it means to be in the water and the importance of family when learning to become your own person. Paul, played by Brad Pitt, would be able to show you to all the best trout fishing hot spots in the scenic Montana landscape, and teach you how to cultivate your own fishing style in the process.

Forest Gump: Forest

Forest is miraculously good at everything he does, and he proved himself even more when it came to his abilities as a shrimp boat captain. He dominated the waters after a bit of luck, and was generous enough to share his fortune with his friends. That’s the kind of guy you want to be around when fishing. Plus, I hear he has a mean recipe for shrimp etouffee.

Grumpy Old Men: Gustafson & Goldman

They’re experienced and they’re knowledgeable. They know the best spots and bait to use. But whatever you do, don’t piss them off.

Deep Blue Sea: Preacher

Preacher, played by LL Cool J, could either be the best or the worst to wet a line with. Worst because almost everyone else he was with got eaten by a shark, but also best because he didn’t! Preacher incinerates that damn fish saving himself and avenging his bird. That’s one big catch and guaranteed to get you a new PB.

Castaway: Chuck Noland

Maybe the real best person to fish with is Tom Hanks since this is his second appearance on the list. Chuck Noland, played by Hanks, is a plane crash survivor who learns to fish on his own with just the use of a spear. Not only would he be elated to have some company, but he’d have you fishing like a badass in no time. Plus, nothing beats a little time on the beach with a nice saltwater breeze in the air. Even if you are trapped there for the rest of your life.

Jaws: Quint

There is no one more deserving to be on this list than Quint from Jaws. He has a sweet beard a salty swagger that says I know everything that’s wrong with what you’re doing, and I’ll help you fix it if you pay me and then pay me again with whiskey. Quint is a straight up professional. Sure, things may have not ended well for him, but with Quint on your boat, you’re sure to be in for one hell of a ride.