“nothing has felt better than to land a big ole’ king on the end of the line in Alaska!”

Like so many of us, country music star Jerrod Niemann finds fishing to be relaxing, exciting, and a favorite pastime for sure. Today, the “A Little More Love” singer took some time to share with us why he loves the sport – from cold beers to Jimmy Buffet to Alaskan King Salmon – he’s definitely a guy we’d want by our side when we’re reeling ‘em in!

How did you first get introduced to fishing?

“As a kid in Kansas, I was introduced to fishing on camping trips with my family. It was all freshwater lakes. I thought I had the hang of it and knew what I was doing until I caught my alligator gar out of Table Rock Lake, in Missouri. The teeth definitely threw me for a loop and scared the hell out of my siblings and I. Our old man sure got a kick out of it.”

What do you love most about fishing?

“I love being on and around water either fresh or saltwater. I love learning about new ways and techniques for different species of fish. It always amazes me to find out about what they are biting on, or how their behavior changes throughout the year, whether it’s spawning or just different seasons. No matter how great the angler, there’s always something new and different to learn. It’s nature, it always seems to evolve.”

Where’s your favorite spot to catch a few?

“I love going out to Anchorage, Alaska, every year and flying out to Bear Creek Lodge to fish king salmon and trout. I’m always thankful to have a hook in the water, but nothing has felt better than to land a big ole’ king on the end of the line in Alaska! It’s so far from civilization and there’s just so many intangibles that come into play that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.”

jerrod niemann fishing in alaska
Jerrod posing with a catch from a fishing trip over 4th of July with friend and fellow musician Lee Brice

Describe your dream fishing spot.

“I feel like my dream fishing spot would be many different places on all the oceans. I’d love to have my Dad, brother, a beautiful day and maybe a couple cold beers. Since I grew up on freshwater, there’s so much I long to experience out at sea. I’d love to take in the sunshine, spend hours fighting the fight to get the fish in the boat and of course, get some time in spear fishing.”

Favorite music to listen to when you fish?

“My buddy from Florida and I would go freshwater fishing in Old Hickory Lake once he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, years ago. I had a 1967, 14 ft. AeroCraft aluminum boat with only a 4 horse Mercury on it that my Dad and I found and worked on. My friend and I would put some batteries in an old jam box and listen to Jimmy Buffet’s Greatest Hits over and over while fishing. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. I guess that’s why I still love listening to any island music when fishing.”

Just like country music, fishing offers yet another way to recollect great moments of our past – and we’re glad Jerrod shared some of his favorite fishing memories with us today. If you have a favorite fishing memory or dream fishing spot, let us know in the comments! Remember, you can always use Fishidy to help find and keep track of your favorite waterways.

Need something to play on your next fishing trip? Check out “A Little More Love” by Jerrod Niemann & Lee Brice, out now on Spotify and iTunes. Jerrod’s also working on a new album with Curb Records, so stay tuned!