We’ve been asking and listening to all of your feedback in regards to making Fishidy more useful and one of the most requested features is the ability to have conversations in private with other people on Fishidy without exchanging phone numbers and email addresses.

Have Private Conversations

Today, users of the Fishidy website will be able to send private messages to one or many people they are connected to. Rally your friends for a weekend fishing trip, share your super-secret fishing spots with your closest fishing buddies, or ask someone for the latest fishing tips leading up to your next tournament.

private messenger*NOTE: This feature is not yet available on the mobile app, but is accessible on the Fishidy website from your mobile device.

Message Multiple People

To get started with this new feature simply compose a new message, begin typing the name of a follower and then select their name from the drop down list. Do you want to message multiple people? Go ahead and type another name and select that person. As a reminder, you must be connected to the person you are messaging. We require this to avoid spam and unsolicited messages.

2016-02-24 08_32_26-Jump List for Google ChromeStart Messaging

You will find your messages listed under the My Fishidy menu item. You can also send a message to a user by visiting their profile page and clicking on the Message button, located next to the Follow button.

2016-02-24 08_29_26-Cortana

2016-02-24 08_34_21-PhotosIf your notification settings permit it you will receive an email notification when you receive a new message or reply. You can always turn this option on or off by visiting www.fishidy.com/user/update.

We will be gathering usage and feedback on the messengerĀ and makeĀ continual improvements as needed. You can always provide feedback by visiting www.fishidy.com/contact or now you can send me a message if we’re connected!