Thanks to all of the outstanding feedback we receive from our members, businesses and partners who contribute to our community each day, we’re happy to announce several new features and improvements that have just been added to Fishidy! It’s our goal to continuously improve the experience and usability of our website and mobile app. The updates highlighted below are a direct result of your feedback!


Here’s What’s New and Improved…

1Seamless Navigation and Experience

A lot of attention went into simplifying the navigation and feel of the website. We took a mobile-first approach based on the experience offered by our native mobile app. If you have used our native app, then a lot of these changes will look very familiar to you. Now, as you transition between using the Fishidy website and the Fishidy mobile app, your experience will be much more seamless.

Another change with the navigation is the consolidation of the main menu. Simplifying the navigation allowed us to increase the size of the map. Bigger is always better when it comes to maps!

bigger map

2Clarity with Premium Waterway Features

In 2013, there were less than 2,000 waterways collected in the Fishidy database. A vast majority of those waterways had premium mapping features available. Today, Fishidy now has over 23,000 waterways in its database. Some of the new waterways were added as a result of partnerships with organizations like Fishing Hot Spots®, but a majority came to us as contributions from individual Fishidy members.

Do all of our waterways offer the same level of information and mapping features? No. Our ability to provide premium mapping features depends on the popularity of a waterway and the ability to find credible and verified information. Because of this, some waterways have hot spots, contours, vegetation, etc. while others have very little verified information. We have now added proper checks so members know exactly what features are available on a waterway prior to upgrading to premium. These same changes will be implemented in our native app in the near future to limit confusion about available features.

3Enhanced Mobile Experience

More than 60% of visits to the Fishidy website come from mobile devices. We’re paying attention and have overhauled the mobile experience on the website to meet this demand. Screens now look cleaner and easier to read, images are sharper, maps are bigger and load quicker. We will continue to make improvements as time goes on to both the mobile website and native app.

We hope you enjoy this latest round of improvements. Visit the Fishidy website to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I have been a Fishidy member for about a year and a half and an A ambassador about a year. Even in such a small timeframe I have seen lots of changes to the site. One thing I have noticed is that there is nowhere near the information or detail being passed along as th3re was when I started. Members used to discuss more about technique or lures or conditions, and I don’t see as. Much of that. Just my observation, seems to be more chatting about photos and such and nowhere near as much info about the things that new members could learn from. Thanks