The call to action for fishermen across the country is simple – don’t throw your soft plastic lures overboard!

PTPIInfographicPitch them in the trash or a designated recycling bin, and not in the water. But while finding a trash can is easy, do you know where a soft bait recycling container is near you?

It’s very likely – you don’t.

And that’s not unusual. Recycling, while not a new practice, is only now gaining steam as a viable way to handle these baits once you’re done fishing with them. Because of their additive material properties, such as the glitter and scents that make them extremely effective lures, they shouldn’t be included with your everyday household recyclables. It takes special processes to strip away those byproducts to make the base plastic usable in another form.

Is there a soft plastic bait recycle program near you? People need to know about it.

Whether it’s a dock-side container, a bait and tackle shop with a collection bin, or a guy in your bass club who takes them at each meeting, share it with us so we can post it on our the interactive map.


Let’s all Pledge to Pitch It.