I recently got my hands on the new tactical series from Knives of Alaska. There are three models to choose from, all of which are automatic opening: Strike Force, Recon, and Night Hawk. With so many different knives to choose from now, it can be overwhelming for anyone, and with prices frequently above the $100 mark, choosing really has become something most of us don’t do on a whim. Lucky for you, I’ve already used their knives for years, so I was eager to get this blade and try it out as soon as I could. Now I’m going to share with you all what it is I’ve found as well as details about how you can get one for free!

So the size is the first thing that most of us are judging in a folding blade upon our initial glance. Is it a traditional pocket knife, or is it a belt knife. Depending on how big you are, how big a knife you’re comfortable carrying and which model you go with will determine those questions. The Night Hawk is the smallest, and really is what I have always considered to be in the style of that traditional “pocket knife” design. It’s very compact, clean, feels great in my hand, but definitely doesn’t look like your grandfather’s pocket knife. The blade opens fast, so be ready for that, and the heavy duty torsion bar spring system has been designed in such a way that no tightening will ever be needed. It simply opens lightning fast and locks in place, every single time. The D2 Tool Steel and MADE IN THE USA are strong reminders to me of why I started buying these knives in the first place. The D2 is tough to beat, holds an incredibly sharp edge and is practically bulletproof (60-62 Rock Hardness), but the fact that they’re American Made is a HUGE selling point. I also like that the knife doesn’t feel slippery when I’m holding it and the texture feels great. The ergonomic design reduces overall weight (total weight is 1.6oz) while simultaneously creating airflow to make sure that moisture isn’t trapped inside the handle. This is a great piece for anyone looking for a knife to carry on a daily basis.

The Strike Force and Recon are like the big brothers of the family, as they’re nearly as big as the Night Hawk is open when they’re still closed (see below the pic of the Night Hawk and Strike Force side by side). My Strike Force has a serrated blade, and my Recon doesn’t. Other than a slight difference in the color of the handle, that’s really the only cosmetic difference you’ll see. They both offer belt clips, but what’s great about that is that they’re reversible, so you can wear it comfortably if you’re right or left handed. Both are made of D2 Tool Steel, and like all KOA products are Made in America with a lifetime guarantee. The bigger blades nearly double the weight, but at roughly 3 ounces you’re not exactly carrying an elephant on your hip. It fits perfectly in your hand, is well balanced, and is very sharp right out of the box. There’s nothing about this knife I would change, nor is there a feature that I wish it had, and it will get a lot of work on my boat.

For those of you who value your hard earned money, prefer to buy things that will last lifetimes rather than seasons, and find it important to buy products that are made in this country, this is the knife for you. I have no doubt that this series of knives will perform like their cousins have for me over the past 10 years, and I know when I buy one that I’m getting something that will eventually be handed down to my son and future generations. The price point for this level of craftsmanship is great, and you’ll feel like you got something you paid much more for. Whether you fish, hike, hunt, or just like carrying a utility knife, the Tactical Series from Knives Of Alaska is the knife for you. Get the full specs and order yours here, or by visiting www.knivesofalaska.com. You can also go to their Facebook page right now and enter to win one of these great tactical knives. Contest ends April 17th, 2015 so hurry over there by clicking here!