We’re happy to announce¬† that a new “Like” button is now part of the Fishidy experience! For the time being it’s limited to the Fishidy website, but will be rolled out on Fishidy’s mobile app as well coming very soon.

Login to your Fishidy account now, give this feature a try, and let us know what you think!

like feature


  1. I Thank John Gillespie’s Water &Woods ForTell me about Fishidy . Now I Can Finds Where The CRAPPIE IS AND THE CATFISH, WALLEYE I THANK YOU.

  2. Thank you Bob Winkleman for this web sight. Now I can find out the hot fishing spots for bluegill and crappie and some bass. I love the pan fishing and eating but I don’t have the money to own a boat so if there is anyone around my area of no. Ky. or so. Ohio or eastern Ind. and would like a fishing buddy to share expenses plz let me know. I am on disability so I am always available 7 days a week unless I have a doctors appointment. Happy New Year and may God be with you all.