It’s been several months and lots of valuable feedback from our members in the making, but the time has come to unveil the latest and greatest version of the Fishidy platform!  Fishidy 3.0 is faster, easier to use, and loaded with new features to help you find fish even faster!  Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

New Waterway Pages w/ Faster Maps

Fishidy’s waterway pages have a sleek new design that puts you in full control of the data related directly to your map view. We’ve added summary information on each waterway including whether there is Premium content available, like marked Fishing Hot Spots® and underwater structure, plus the number of member and pro catches, spots, total followers, and whether there are bottom contours on the map.

An enhanced activity feed has been moved alongside the map instead of below. You can also toggle the entire side panel open or closed to get a broader view of the map. Video links from providers like YouTube will now auto embed and play directly in the activity feed.  Recently shared catches are also just a quick glance away.

lake mendota waterway page

Improved Catch and Spot Identifiers

We’ve added larger images, clearer descriptive details and weather/water conditions that jump off the page!

catch details

New Map Layer Toggles

You now have complete control of what you want to view on your maps. Maybe you want to hide public catches and just see your buddies’ spots. Now you can do it!

map layer toggles

New “My Fishidy” Menu

New “My Fishidy” pages give you streamlined and instant access to all of your own fishing data including the waterways you follow, your catches, spots, buddies, groups and business!

my fishidy menu

New Waterway Discovery Map

It’s now easier to browse the entire U.S. and find your waterway by state to see where there are Fishidy maps with great fishing spots. Locate your next fishing destination in a few clicks!

discovery map

100% Mobile Friendly Website

Everything you see on Fishidy on your desktop or laptop computer is now easily accessible via your mobile device or tablet via mobile web!  Just open a browser on your mobile device and go to  Even the maps are now available!

fishidy mobile web

Sign in to your account now and try out the new Fishidy 3.0. We want to hear what you think! Please contact us if you have any feedback, and stay tuned for even more great improvements right around the corner!


  1. I’m a Premium Subscription member. My current Android version is 1.98.

    Will be receiving an updated Android version similar to the new web site 3.0 of Fishidy?

    I like the new improvements made to the web site version. I’ve not tried this outside yet, but in a few weeks I’ll give it a try while fishing in Michigan.

    • Don,

      We’re working on integrating more social features, the activity feed, and the ability to connect with other members directly from the app. With this latest release however, you can access all the same features as the full website now on your mobile phone via the mobile Web. Just visit on your mobile device. Hope that helps. Good luck fishing in Michigan!

  2. Hey this is look greats just found this via google.This is the only one I have seen that is a lot easier to read in the menus.