It does not matter if you’re a bass angler or a deep sea fisherman; we who are in search of beating fish in their own environment know that storms can blow in at a moments notice. The news can say low winds and zero chance of rain, until you get your boat launched and heading out. You need to be able to rely on your outerwear to keep you dry and comfortable. It does not matter to me what the weather channel tells me the morning before, I bring my outerwear 90% of the time. Even if it does not rain all day, there is still that time in the morning where your boat seats are chilly and covered with condensation.

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Not all outerwear is created equal

You can walk in a store and see outerwear that ranges from $50 to $400. What makes them so far apart in regards to price? Some are the basic of the basic when it comes to different companies. They can be mainly a plastic shell with a zipper, just enough to be able to keep some water out. Some offer windproof outwear with thick liners to keep you warm on cold days, though restrict your movement throughout the day. There are a ton of different options when choosing outerwear that is going to lower or drive the price up depending on the needs of the buyer. Though, not all are created equal.

Then there was one

I’m not a fair weather fisherman; I like to think of myself as a better angler in worse weather because I am not afraid of being cold or wet. Whether it’s 30 mph winds or pouring rain, if the fish are biting, then I am on the water, regardless. Because of my willingness to brave the wind and rain I’ve spent a lot of days on the water cold, clammy and wet. The outerwear I was using did what it could, but the seams leaked, the neck area allowed water to come in and the restriction truly made casting a workout. Everything was wet by the end of the day and made for a long ride home. Though, this year I was introduced to an outerwear company new to the bass fishing industry. The companies name is Gill. For the past many years Gill has been making outerwear for sailing teams in the United States and other countries. Their outerwear is tough and durable which is why people favored them in the sailing industry. Recently, Gill took what they knew about outerwear for hard working sailors and launched new products for the fishing industry. Gill knew that anglers toughed out the elements year round and knew they could offer a product that could stand up to the challenges anglers faced and the difference is visible.

The goods

Gill has an assortment of different outerwear from rain jackets to water proof bibs. The outerwear I purchased were the newest set they offered, the IN12 Coast Jacket and the IN12 Coast Trousers.

IN12 Coast Jacket
Gill IN12 Coast Jacket
IN12 Coast Trousers
Gill IN12 Coast Trousers

Right away when you see the IN12 Coast Jacket the first thing you notice is the high neck that comes standard on this jacket. That high neck is a savior because it is lined with flece on the inside and it straps down using a strong velcro. You may also notice that the jacket is somewhat longer, this is to add extra protection from water that may travel up. On the front of the IN12 Coast Jacket you can see there are two larger draining storage pockets, though, what you don’t see is behind the larger outer pockets are two larger side pockets that are lined with fleece to keep your hands warm. The IN12 Coast Jacket comes standard with a 2-layer coated fabric with a durable water repellent finish, fully taped seams for a waterproof seal, and non-absorbent and quick-drying lining. It offers excellent weather protection and all-round performance.

Next you will see the IN12 Coast Trousers. These are the best outerwear bibs I have ever owned. They offer all the material technology offered in the IN12 Coast Jacket and are made to be worn all day. They come with reinforced material on the seat and knees of the bibs, adjustable ankle and shoulder straps. Having reinforced material on the seat and knees keep you comfortable when kneeling and are somewhat slide proof when sitting on wet seats.

What you may not notice is that both the IN12 Coast Jacket and the IN12 Coast Trousers are the best when it comes to comfort because they are super light. Also, there is no resistance when making long casts or flipping a jig into brush, while keeping you dry the entire day.

Gill’s IN12 Coast Jacket runs at a price of $199 and the IN12 Coast Trouser are $159. The quality that Gill offers in their products is unmatched. I can assure you, this will be one of the best investments you will make when buying outerwear.

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