With Spring right around the corner it’s time to grab one of Gary Dobyns’ finest creations!

dobyns champion series close

The Champion Series 705CBGLASS by Dobyns is arguably the best reaction-bait rod ever made.  This rod really is so amazing that I’m not sure if even Gary Dobyns himself has had enough time to realize just how special it is.  You can use it to throw crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater, lipless cranks, scrounger heads, squarebills, the list goes on and on.  And with the weather warming (I realize that’s happening faster in some places than in others) and the time of year when we bass anglers predominantly throw those kind of baits fast approaching, I can’t stress to you enough just how much this rod will improve your catch rate.

dobyns rod guides

Technically speaking it’s a one piece rod, good for 8-20 pound line, ¼ – 1 ounce baits, Medium-Heavy Fast Action.  That in itself just screams out versatility!  Add to that the Kegan Guides with SIC inserts, Fuji reel seats, Kevlar wrapping, AA cork grips; slapped on a blank that’s completely unique in that it’s the only rod that’s a blend of graphite and glass.  Why is that important?  Most people will swear by glass rods for cranking because it improves your hookups at an alarming rate by allowing more give when the fish eat the bait.  However what a lot of people don’t know is that Gary has delivered a rod that is glass at the top and becomes graphite towards the bottom, allowing you to have the increased strength to fight the fish once they’re hooked that a full glass rod can’t provide at this weight and action.

dobyns casting rod

So let’s recap:  it’s lighter and stronger, perfectly balanced, will bring more fish all the way to the boat, won’t wear you out all day, is designed to throw countless baits in various sizes, is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and is under $250.  I guess to me the only real question is how many do you want?

dobyns champion series rods