Finding information on Fishidy just got a whole lot easier…

Category Search:

Find information on Fishidy by category, including Waterways, Buddies, Groups and Businesses. Simply click on the dropdown next to the search bar, select the category, and type in what you’re looking for.

search dropdown categories

Search for Waterways:

When searching for a waterway you have the option of typing in the name of the waterway you’re looking for (e.g. “Busse Lake”), searching by state (e.g. “Illinois”), or searching by zip code (e.g. “60193”). As you type, results will begin to auto-populate below.

waterway search results

1.) Find details about the waterway including name, state, county, a short description, and an estimate of how many Fishidy members are following that waterway.

2.) The blue “view” button indicates that you are already connected to a given waterway, and clicking on it will take you to that waterway page. (Clicking on the name of the waterway will take you to the same page as well.)

3.) The green “connect” buttonĀ  indicates that by clicking you will save that waterway to your list, and information posted to these waterway pages will begin populating in your dashboard.

Discover Waterways Map:

If you’re having trouble finding the waterway you’re looking for, you can use the Discover Waterways Map instead found here: Start by clicking on the region you’re searching for, and continue double-clicking or zooming in until you find a specific waterway. From there, click on the blue “view” button and you will be directed to that waterway’s page.

discover waterways map

discover map region

discover map waterway

Search for Buddies:

Search by first and/or last name to find friends and new buddies to connect with on Fishidy.

buddy search results

Search for Groups:

Search by species, names of waterways, or common interests to find groups you’re interested in joining. If you can’t find one, create a new one!

group search results

Search for Businesses:

Search by location or name to find local fishing guides, bait and tackle shops, lodging and more to help you plan out your next fishing adventure.

business search results

We hope you enjoy these latest improvements to Fishidy. As always, let us know if you have any feedback, questions or comments.

Tight lines!

Team Fishidy