Jaws Made of Stone

With the hot summer months at hand and the weeds up to your chest, the smart trout angler must modify their approach to catch decent trout.

You could go to the manicured stream called Camp Creek near Viola and fish the man made structures for WDNR stockers. They have a nice 9 hole fishing range manufactured there. Sorry no golf carts available or caddies to carry your rod for you. If the combination of golfing and fishing is not your bag, you need to change your approach. Wild streams in these parts have serious weeds along them and it makes casting a serious pain. The warm sunny weather drives the trout to be night feeders or early morning predators. You need to scout your water during the daylight and access where you might night fish at. Small depressions and under brush can make a night fish a nightmare. Take out some hedge trimmers and clear some room to fish.

big brown trout at night
This male brown trout was fooled by a mouse pattern at 4am in the morning in a local stream.

The key to night fishing is “BIG.” The giant trout come out at night and are looking for a big meal. Large flies and lures are a must. A mouse pattern is kick tail during this time year. Big trout have jaws made of stone. When you tie in to one it is very important to set the hook hard or you will only bounce off.