Written by Ryan Ketter, with contributions by Fishing Hot Spots

Anglers today can have an eagle’s eye view of the waters they fish….that is if they own the technology. The most common technology used today is GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS utilizes satellite based transmitters. Its worldwide availability and high level of accuracy has created a significant demand in fishing.  Using GPS applications has allowed anglers to travel easily and directly from one part of a large body of water to another and pinpoint strategic fishing spots, like a weed edge, fish crib, or breakline.

As users enter strategic waypoints, your GPS will keep you on track. It has also allowed anglers to create an invisible, electronic marker than allows you to return to the exact location where fishing success has occurred previously. GPS devices are available to anglers as portable hand-held models, or as units that are mounted on the boat either as a GPS only or combined with a depth finder. Smartphones have also emerged with high accuracy GPS integrated. This technology phenomenon has opened up the “App Markets” for GPS-based fishing apps at a fraction of the cost, like the Fishidy.com Mobile App.  Check out this free mobile app that integrates with your Android or iPhone’s native GPS capabilities and allows anglers to view detailed interactive fishing maps, save the exact locations of your catches, and mark your proven spots.


  1. I just found out about fishing, and am in the process of getting my first Android phone, so I’m excited to start using this new app on my new phone cause I love to fish and think this is a great way to find new fishing spots.