This month I’ll be reviewing a product that I’ve been fishing with for the past few years. It’s also mid-way through the ice fishing season (here in the north country), so this is an appropriate time to take an in-depth look at Northland Tackle’s Macho Minnow Spoon! 

This jigging spoon was introduced at the 2009 ICAST show by Northland Fishing Tackle. They wanted to create a spoon that could be utilized without the use of bait. The main attraction to this spoon was the beveled-edge style in which it was cut. This shape helps the brass spoon fall with an erratic flutter. With the addition of the KickerTail Fin the spoon has a darting, kicking, flashy and noisy fall that attracts fish from all over! It’s made to look like a crippled baitfish that’s tumbling to the bottom for hungry fish to chomp on.

Another great feature is the holographic image they added to the face of the spoon. This lifelike image definitely adds to the possibility of never having to add bait again, which could save all of us some serious cash. They come in a wide range of colors, but my favorites have to be Gold Shiner and Silver. Gold, during sunny days, seems to throw off some extra flash in some of the dingy lakes I fish. The silver is probably my go-to in any situation because it’s the most realistic spoon in the market, and it’s a great “match the hatch” color for many of the lakes I fish. The red VMC hooks are also a great attractor to draw the bite.

The smaller spoons are used to target crappies, perch and white bass, and can be tipped with waxes/spikes or minnows/minnow heads. The larger spoons can be used primarily for walleyes and trout. Again, they can be tipped with minnows in times when the bite is really tough.

While on a school of some of the previously mentioned panfish, this spoon can be extremely effective for a number of reasons. First of all, the jigging action of this spoon can start a feeding frenzy! Second, once you start pulling in fish in deep water the spoon is easy to get back down in front of the fish again because of its weight. Finally, it has enough bulk to keep smaller fish away and keep the larger, eater fish on the hook. And boy do they crush it!

Next time you’re at your local tackle shop, be sure to pick up a couple of Northland Tackle’s Macho Minnows in a few sizes and colors to find your new go-to spoon. You know it has to be good since “Mr. Walleye”, Gary Roach, endorses this lure!

Make sure to keep track of your catches and the lures you use on so your next time out is even more fun and productive!