FishingCrew to Fishidy Transition: News, FAQ and Updates

The FishingCrew Team is excited to announce that it is in the process of transitioning to the Fishidy platform. All FishingCrew members, their blerts and their fishing data, whether stored privately or shared publicly, will be securely and fully migrated to Fishidy at the completion of this transition process.


We invite everyone to create their free Fishidy account at this time if they wish by visiting the sign up page here: or downloading the app from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Alternatively, you can continue to use FishingCrew as normal, until the transition is fully complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the transition from FishingCrew to Fishidy expected to be complete?

A: We are planning for a fully completed data migration and transition to Fishidy by late summer / early fall of 2016.

Q: Do I need to setup a new account/username/password on Fishidy?

A: You can continue to use FishingCrew as normal at this point. The full data migration from FishingCrew to Fishidy is currently in progress. Once it’s complete, all of your FishingCrew account/username/password data will automatically transfer to Fishidy. You have the option to create your free Fishidy account now if you prefer, just be sure to use the same email address used with FishingCrew with your new Fishidy account.

Q: Will my catches, followers, etc. on FishingCrew transfer to Fishidy?

A: Yes, all of your fishing data, whether originally stored privately or shared publicly on FishingCrew, will fully transfer to Fishidy and remain intact and accessible to you.

Q: What will happen to pro team and staff members of FishingCrew during this transition?

A: Pro team and staff members who were given privileges on FishingCrew will have the opportunity to continue with their increased level of support and be rewarded as part of Fishidy’s exclusive Ambassador Team.

Q: What will happen with FishingCrew members who have gold memberships?

A: Your gold memberships on FishingCrew will transfer to premium subscriptions on Fishidy, which unlock access to fishing hot spots, mapped structures, and several other advance features. Learn more here:

Q: What will happen to FishingCrew after the transition to Fishidy is complete?

A: The future of FishingCrew has yet to be determined. Our goal is to completely transition the entire FishingCrew community and as many of its features over to Fishidy as possible to create a unified platform.

If you have any other questions or feedback, please send an email to our customer support team at and they will help resolve your issue.

– The Fishidy Team

Progress Updates:

April 2016 – Major technology management tools and data transitioned to Fishidy

May 2016 – Customer support tools and roles transitioned to Fishidy

June 2016 – FishingCrew officially announces to its members transition to Fishidy