Saturday, July 14, 2018
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green bay walleye

How to Troll with Lead Core Fishing Line

Most people have probably never even heard of lead core. No, it’s not a new genre of death metal, nor is it a new type of ammunition. Lead core is an old-school trick that is vastly underutilized in this...
noah with walleye

Heavy Metal Spring Walleyes on the Mississippi

With the spring air moving to the Midwest, hundreds flock to the rivers to chase the elusive walleyes that call the rivers home. Here in southwest Wisconsin, the Mississippi River is our battlefield. With water temps nearing 40 degrees,...
smallmouth bass

Early Fall Fishing Patterns

Fall Fishing = Deep water, right? Wrong. A common fall fishing myth is that you have to bring out the DD22s, Go2 20+ and DT20s. Don’t get me wrong, there are still fish that’ll be schooled up on offshore structures...

Who’s Ready to Get Salty?!

I would like to introduce you to a little friend of mine who has contributed to the catching of both fresh and saltwater feesh. His name is Amp Stay80SP by Biovex. I chose this lure for time of year...

Charter Fishing with a Disability

Charter fishing offers many opportunities to get out on the water and fish. Many services across the country are more than willing to get anyone with a disability out on the water. I’m trying my first fishing service in...