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3 Keys to Better Hunting and Fishing

If you're like a lot of people you're struggling to sit in your treestand right now. While there's a part of you that waits all year for a chance to hunt, there's a whole other part that can't tear...
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Tips for Catching Fish in River Systems

Fishing in high current has challenges and advantages when it comes to targeting bass. Many believe fishing in current makes it easier to know where bass will position so they can ambush baitfish caught helpless in the current. I...
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Good Fishing Locations in Southern Wisconsin (Part 3)

Fishing Lake Wisconsin Lake Wisconsin is one of the best all-round fisheries in the state. The lake offers very good fishing for most species of fish from the spring thru the fall. This outstanding fishery includes; walleyes, saugers, crappies, bluegills,...

How Weather Affects Ice Fishing

Winter has settled into Wisconsin and the Midwest for going on two months. It’s been a tough winter with about average snowfall, but temperatures have been way below normal with Arctic blasts coming through the state every week. The...
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Choosing the Right Walleye Rods: Jigging, Rigging & Trolling

As a tournament walleye angler, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is about which rods to use in certain situations. It is somewhat surprising to me how many people use the wrong stuff. Many times the...