Saturday, February 24, 2018
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trevor largemouth

Fishing from the Back- A Day in the Life of a Co-angler

By Trevor Knight - Fishidy Pro Angler With increased sponsor support this year, I decided at the last minute I would fish the FLW Tour as a co-angler. While I definitely prefer fishing from the front of the boat, competing as...

Don’t Put That Boat Away Yet!

It’s just past Labor Day and for many Wisconsinites it’s the end of the fishing season. But, to the serious angler much of the really good fishing and the time of the year for catching big fish is just...
big crappies

Lake Wisconsin Is Much More Than Walleyes

Lake Wisconsin is known as a good lake for walleyes, saugers, crappies, and muskies especially in the spring and early summer before the algae bloom arrives. The lake is over 9,000 acres and stretches from the dam at Wisconsin...
green bay walleye

How to Troll with Lead Core Fishing Line

Most people have probably never even heard of lead core. No, it’s not a new genre of death metal, nor is it a new type of ammunition. Lead core is an old-school trick that is vastly underutilized in this...
noah with walleye

Heavy Metal Spring Walleyes on the Mississippi

With the spring air moving to the Midwest, hundreds flock to the rivers to chase the elusive walleyes that call the rivers home. Here in southwest Wisconsin, the Mississippi River is our battlefield. With water temps nearing 40 degrees,...