Monday, March 19, 2018
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reeling in a blue marlin

Video: Reeling in a 1,000 Pound Blue Marlin

Check out this amazing video footage of what it would feel like to reel in a 1,058-pound blue marlin. The fight went on for 30 minutes and was short of the International Game Fish Association's record by 300 pounds,...
smith with bass

Kickin’ It Old School…With Dad.

By Brian Smith - Fishidy Founder I’d say the year was 1990, my father had just moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from a small town in western PA. We left the life of small streams and trout to the fertile waters...

Fluke Fishing in the Northeast

The first fish most Long Islanders, like myself, caught as a kid was a fluke.  I can’t remember the limits back then.   Mine was caught on one of the party boats out of Freeport with a bunch of my...
big tuna on pier

Bigger in Real Life Than on TV

New England Fisherman Phil Buzby Lands a Giant Bluefin Phil Buzby was enjoying a day out fishing.  Like all of us, you never know when that fish of a lifetime is going to swim by.  When Phil and Andrew Marshall...

A Walleye Story

Last Wednesday there was a photo of a nice walleye in my hometown newspaper. The editor decided to include me in the caption of some other guy's big fish glory photo. It said:  "The One Len Didn't Catch." I thought...