Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Lake Champlain Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Welcome back Fishidy Fans to Team No Sleep Episode 2: Lake Champlain Smallmouth Bass Fishing! This week Emily Hamilton and I travel to Lake Champlain where we stay at the amazing Anchorage lodge in South Hero, Vermont. There we get...
jim root smallmouth bass

Susquehanna River: New York’s Best Kept Secret Smallmouth Location!

Ontario.  Erie.  St. Lawrence River.  Champlain.  Oneida.  Seneca.  Cayuga.  These are the names you hear thrown around when people talk about monster smallmouth bass in NY.  What if there was another name that belonged in that group, an overlooked...
fishing at dawn

Fishing Luck vs. Skill: Finding the Missing Puzzle Piece

I recently came across a social media post featuring a quote that professional bass angler, Rick Clunn, had said, “If you are ever going to get into bass fishing seriously, you’ve got to forget one thing. That is luck,...
surfcaster on east coast

Tunes of the Trade

What’s your fishing soundtrack? Dave Matthews is great for a mako bite in mid June, George Thorogood can get the bass biting on the October moon, and Zeppelin’s In the Evening is the only way to get fish to bite...

A Trout Hole Puzzle

Can you see Sam's head peaking out of the weeds? The hole is not very deep. Maybe 3.5 feet at max. The top of the hole necks down and is really shallow. The bottom of the hole is a culvert...