I love to fish, but I hate being cold. I’ve spent years in Connecticut trying to find ways to keep warm. We all have problems with that, male or female. But sometimes being smaller than the guys also makes us more susceptible to the elements, and makes us more vulnerable to harsh conditions. Anyone who has spent time in the cold, wet fall of the Northeast can tell you that once you’re cold, you’re done. Game over.

stormr fishing gear

So what can you do to prevent that? To start with, you can invest in the proper technical apparel to protect you. For some people, this isn’t an easy investment to make because it usually comes at a heavy cost. While there’s truth in that, there’s an equal amount in knowing that being physically prepared keeps you mentally prepared, which will put more fish in your boat, and more tournament dollars in your wallet. If competition isn’t your thing, you can still make the most out of each trip by not being taken out of the game because you were frozen solid. And trust me guys, if you don’t want your girls to start insisting you go back to the ramp, you need to make sure they’re wearing things that will keep them happy. That’s why the Stormr rain gear is so amazing. It’s tailored to fit the body of men and women, and is designed for the kind of movements that we typically showcase as anglers.

If you can’t do that yet and you’re still layering, be careful that you don’t cover yourself up too much. Accidents happen, and the last thing you want to do is find yourself falling off your boat when you’re dressed from head to toe in heavy clothing and put your life at risk. Be sure to wear your lifejacket at all times. There are lots of lightweight undergarments (shirts and pants) on the market that help insulate you in colder temps while still wicking away moisture to prevent you from sweating. Layering properly is key this time of year, as afternoons can often reach temperatures much warmer than launch time and it helps to be able to maintain a comfortable core temperature if it starts to get hotter as the day goes on.

stormr rain gear

Your preparation should start before you leave the house with your diet.  You can bring a thermos with hot liquid (I personally like my blueberry hot chocolate), which will help you by warming you from the inside out as well as provide you with a apparatus to heat your hands with. Also you should try to avoid eating too much while you’re out on the boat. This can cause your body to lose valuable heat while completing the digestion process. Eat at the house at least a half an hour before you leave, and bring small food with high energy content like peanut butter bars or bananas.

Good luck!