Written by Brian Jensen, courtesy of Fishing with Maps by Fishing Hot Spots

Remember the excitement you had the first time you backed your boat into that large lake you’d heard so many great things about? Then remember how you struggled to find fishing success, and by 4pm you were deflated and frustrated? It’s a common story. But, it’s one that doesn’t need to happen.

Over the last 30 years, maps made specifically for anglers have become synonymous with catching fish. You no longer need to spend time learning a new body of water the way the old-timers did, through sheer expense and effort. Expert fisherman used to spend 10 to 20 seasons trying to discover the peculiarities of one lake so they could catch fish consistently. Today, for the same cost of a good crankbait you can obtain professionally made, highly accurate maps that WILL help you catch more fish.

Fishing maps are displayed proportionally or scaled to real world settings. Good fishing maps should provide GPS coordinates and a legend. Maps have limited space, so symbols represent a variety of features. The map legend defines those symbols. A few map symbol examples include weeds, fish attractors and flooded timber.

Fishidy maps include structures and vegetation, access points, contours and navigational points and even Fishing Hot Spots proven, marked areas. Here’s a small sample of the legend found on Fishidy.com fishing maps.